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Google Gets Okay From U.S. Government

The advertisement world is about to take a dramatic shift very soon now that Google has received a patent from the United States government that will access GPS tracking location data in ads. The awarded patent will result in a new avenue and platform for advertisers to reach their intended demographic market which will revolutionize the way advertisement is sent to both Web-based and mobile communication devices. By targeting certain ads to people based upon information accessed from the tracking system chip in a person’s cellular phone, advertisers will have a better likelihood they will be reaching a responsive audience.

Currently, all manufacturers of smartphones are heavily relying upon GPS tracking-location based applications for mobile communication devices. Google believes that the patent will provide more relevant ads to people searching for goods or services in a particular area. For example, a person uses their smart phone’s GPS tracking chip and accompanied application to find a nearby coffee shop. As the person enters the information into their mobile device, Google will then have the ability to display advertisements for local coffee shops in the surrounding areas. Of course, we believe Google will continue to provide free information about local companies through their popular search engine.

Should Google have the right to monopolize mobile communication advertisements?

Will Google end up using their advertisement powers to SPAM the hell out of people’s cellular phones?

Source: LA Times