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Google Is More Than A Search Engine

Innovation Is Key For People At Mountain View Company

GoogleOriginally a company that revolutionized the way Internet searching was conducted through the creation of page rank, Google has became more than what most people thought was ever possible. Today, Google represents a cultural and innovative company that is at the cutting edge of new ideas and development of pretty much anything that is online or accessed through mobile communication. Most people believe that Google is simply a search engine, all be it the biggest search engine on the web, but the company is more than that. Google has created many unique programs and ideas that many people use every single day, such as gmail (an email service widely recognized as the most user-friendly), Google Earth (a satellite mapping program used by many GPS tracking system companies) and Google Maps (a program and cellular phone application that allows people to find directions to a certain location and improve routing. However, what many people may not know is that Google has invested in and acquired many companies to help Google push the boundaries of innovation.

Acquisition & Innovation

Over the past decade, Google has invested billions of dollars into companies that it felt could modernize the web world and make the Internet easier and more efficient. Google has created many services and products that it offers at no charge to people such as Google groups, blogger, Google Analytics, Google Latitude, Google Mobile, AdSense/Adwords, Google Chrome, Android, Google Spreadsheet, Google Documents and more. Most of the companies Google acquired over the past years have all played an integral part in helping the Mountain View-based company improve, develop and create the latest and greatest things offered from Google. For example, in 2006 Google purchased 2Web Technologies, a company that focused on online spreadsheets, and used many of their ideas to help build and improve Google Spreadsheet. Trendalyzer,a company that solely worked in the field of statistical software, was purchased by Google because the company felt it could be a great asset and blend well with Google Analytics.

Unlike many other corporations that exist in the world, Google has shown that it wants to give back to the community, not rape the land, overcharge customers and take advantage of people all in an effort to boost profit and please stockholders. Google is a company that is doing it the right way, and we will all benefit from the companies’ vision. Now, that Google has acquired over 80 companies in the past decade, including the popular online site YouTube, they are sure to continue and offer users everything they are looking for.