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Google Introduces New Way For Cyclists To Plan Routes

Finding Bike Trails & Routes Has Just Got Easier

According to a technology expert working for GPS tracking system company Tracking System Direct, Google has added bike trails and routes in over 150 U.S. cities in their popular mapping program “Google Maps”, emphasizing bike riding as a functional and useful method of transportation.

The addition of bike routes and trails into the user-friendly mapping program will allow cycle-enthusiasts, as well as casual riders, to find the shortest routes, most scenic trails, and avoid steep hills. All the person needs to do is visit the homepage of the search engine giant and click on maps. After that, they simply need to select directions from a link in the upper left corner and click on how they want to receive the directions, by either car, public transportation, walking, and now biking.

Cyclists will then see a zoomed-in map that will feature:

  • Dark Green Lines: Showing the routes of trails that do not have any vehicles traveling on them. These are viewed as generally the safest routes for a bike rider to travel upon.
  • Light Green Lines: Showing routes on city streets that have bike lanes available to riders.
  • Dashed Green Lines: These routes show streets recommended to cyclists.

The data for the bike routing was gathered from numerous people and other resources.

All of the routes presented on Google Maps to bikers are not considered too steep and generally recommended to outdoor recreational cyclists.

GPS Tracking And Cycling

The GPS Tracking Key are two of the best GPS data loggers that many cyclists use to record routes traveled and more. Both GPS tracker devices’ software interface with Google Earth and Google Maps.

GPS tracking devices have become increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, such as avid cyclists and casual bike riders.

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