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Google Maps Mobile App Is A Must Have

GPS Tracking Provides Detailed Navigation For Users

googlemapsmobileA decade ago nobody even knew what an “app” was, but now over 200 million iOS users have downloaded over 15 billion apps from Apple according to data gathered by Fast Company. There are now apps available to provide language translation, exotic food recipes, coupons from local retailers and GPS tracking data to improve athletic performance or a golf score. There literally is now an app available for almost anything a person can possibly imagine. Although some people prefer to invest in apps that are useful to their particular unique lives, there are certain apps that are a must have for every mobile or iOS user. One of those apps is Google Maps, and it has revolutionized the way people access directions and more.

What Is Google Maps Mobile?

Explaining all of the functions of the mobile version of Google Maps is no simple task because the mapping service application does so much more than simply provide the user directional and navigational information. Here is a brief list of features the mobile mapping application provides:

  1. Navigational Data: Turn-by-turn directional information for people who are walking, driving or riding a bicycle.
  2. Traffic Conditions: Motorists commuting to work can access this feature to get live traffic condition updates to find the quickest most effective route to their destination.
  3. Directions: Access directions in a text list format to more efficiently arrive at point B.
  4. Google Street View: A perfect visual representation of where a user is or where they plan to go by bringing a street-level view to the user that uses real photographs!

Other features of the mobile version of Google Maps include Offline Reliability (maps for areas the user frequents the most even if cell signal is lost), 3D Maps (three dimensional view of city buildings and more), Compass Mode (easy way to discover orientation of which direction the user is facing or going), My Location (a unique way to discover the user’s location even if GPS tracking is not present by using cellular triangulation) and more.

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Although it is true that humans are social and engaging creatures, making popular social apps such as Facebook and Words With Friends some of the most used apps, Google Maps is probably the most useful. First of all, the mobile app makes the outdated atlas map in a person’s vehicle essentially useless, as Google Maps is constantly updated to offer the most accurate directional and locational information. With this very useful and easy to use mobile application, drivers do not have to worry about getting lost, people can explore short-cuts they would normally be too afraid to explore and anyone can get a detailed and aesthetically pleasing view of their future destination. However, what really makes this app the coolest of all the apps is that it is absolutely free, and this vehicle tracking and GPS fleet tracking expert is not talking about the type of free that is covered in annoying advertisements. The mobile version of Google Maps is 100% free and void of pesky advertisements, giving the user the most pleasing experience possible.