Google Phone Sells 80,000 Units


Nexus One Makes Debut

Sales Still Fall Short Of iphone Debut

Nexus_OneAccording to a report acquired by GPS tracking company, Tracking System Direct, the buzz around the release of Google’s Nexus One phone was unable to result in strong sales the first month the device was available to consumers. Analysts believed that the Nexus One’s debut would create a clash in the mobile communication device marketing with the iphone, but the Google phone’s first months sales were 87% weaker than that of Apple’s iPhone debut.

Although the 80,000 Nexus One units sold in the first month fell way below analysts expectations, many tech gurus are saying it is no big deal because Google is still making its footprint in a dynamic way into the cellular communications market. One technology specialist stated that people should take the number of Nexus One units sold with a grain of salt and focus more on the quantity of android devices sold in the market. He stated that Google had no intention of putting all of it’s efforts into selling units of the Nexus One, but rather the operating system itself, meaning Google is really wanting mobile device users to utilize the Google interface when mobile browsing.

Many of the apps used on both iPhone and Nexus utilize GPS tracking systems for locational purposes. 

Motorola’s Droid phone, a cellular device emphasizing Google’s Android operating system sold over 500,000 units, rivaling the iphone.

Source: MacObserver