Google Plays Hard Ball


Google Redirects Online Traffic To Hong Kong

China Will Not Allow Uncensored Search Engine

GoogleGoogle has made it’s presence everywhere, but China is one place that is not so happy about a inter-connected global search engine platform that they have no control over. After months and months of debate between the Northern California-based company Google and the nation of China over online freedom and censorship, it now appears that Google will cut it’s losses trying to expand in the Asian country and will instead redirect traffic to their Hong Kong-based search engine.

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The trouble between Google and China began when the tech-company discovered that a well choreographed and sophisticated cyber-attack was rooted from China. After the very controversial issue, Google refused to filter information through the Chinese-based version of their search engine, Once Google made this decision it was only a matter of time before China would pull the plug on the company to operate in the still very repressed country.

Although China has made many gains in the economic front by providing cost-effective electronic equipment, the country still has one of the worst human right’s records. Politically-sensitive topics and many other controversial topics are banned and required to be censored by any Internet search engines operating in the country such as Baidu.

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Source: MarketWatch