Google Smart Car

Google Looks To Redefine Smart Car

Google Robot Car Can Literally Do It All

We can all remember a time when we were younger and told about how one-day cars would fly, get 100 miles to the gallon and all sorts of other stuff that we would later learn was absolute non-sense. This is because we were unaware of what big oil companies and other political special interest groups were, and how they would eventually play a significant role in limiting innovation. Since the bright and intelligent automobile engineers of Detroit have been struggling for decades to create a fuel-efficient vehicle that takes motor vehicle technology to the next level, the innovative brains at Google decided to step in with their own concept of what the car of the future should offer.

What the people at Google created was a robot car that can literally drive itself without any assistance from a human being. This is simply not some car that can parallel park itself, but a fully functional vehicle that can identify real-world traffic conditions, red lights, pedestrians walking, other vehicles following too closely and more! Making the jump from search engine to a car engine, Google has essentially created a vehicle that redefines what cruise control is on every level. “Driver safety is one of the primary reasons why Tracking System Direct came into fruition, offering GPS tracking solutions to help parents of teenage drivers observe for unsafe driving behaviors, and concerned families identify whether it is time for an elderly family member to hang up the keys for good” explained a fleet management expert for the Southern California vehicle tracking company. “Two of the most common causes for motor vehicle accidents are excessive speeding and distracted driving, and if this Google car can eliminate both of those dangers, well we should all be grateful because the roadways will be safer for everybody.”

There are a number of reasons why a car that could literally operate itself would be advantageous. Imagine if motorists could talk on their cell phones or read a text message while driving without being a danger to other motorists. Imagine if people did not waste so much time switching lanes, and how much more smoothly traffic would flow. Imagine if an elderly driver became lost and could simply ask their vehicle to take them home. Imagine if a person was alone and became seriously injured, all they would need to do is tell their car to drive them to the nearest hospital. There are so many great things that a vehicle with the capabilities to self-operated could provide the people of our society. Hopefully, Google will continue to press innovation in areas such as transportation in an effort to help improve safety for everybody. Clearly, they know what they are doing!