Government Spy Tactics

Is The Government Spying On You?

GPS Tracking Devices

A recent story has made news headlines across the nation about how much spying and surveillance the government is really conducting on civilians. The controversial story surrounds a community college student named Yasir Afifi who took his vehicle to a local mechanic for a routine oil change. While working on the young man’s vehicle the auto mechanic discovered a small device attached to the under carriage of the vehicle that was connected via magnetic mounts. Not knowing what the mysterious device was, Afifi posted pictures of the unit online to see if anyone in the web world could identify the unknown device. However, all of his questions were soon answered when Federal agents dressed in bulletproof vests came to his San Jose apartment and demanded their “property” back. The “property” was a GPS tracker designed to monitor driving activity by a process known as vehicle tracking.

Famous television personality Glenn Beck has also discussed this unique vehicle monitoring practice that allows the government and police to monitor a person via GPS tracking technology. Beck has even explained and criticized how many states suggest that people have no reasonable expectation of privacy even when they are in their own driveway or parked in the front of their home, and that many police agencies do not require law enforcement personnel to first obtain a search warrant before placing a car tracking unit on a target vehicle. What is even more shocking is that agencies such as the FBI are now being given the authority to monitor the locations of private citizens via personal cellular phones. These same cellular phones can even be remotely accessed via the GPS chip embedded in each device and have their microphones activated, allowing government agents to hear conversations without your cell phone even being used!

Clearly, there is no denying the benefits and validity that GPS tracking systems and monitoring technology offer, and that is why so many businesses, consumers and even government agencies are relying on the satellite tracking technology. Satellite monitoring technology is highly accurate and user-friendly, allowing anyone to access a wide range of valuable data. Even though many of us may not like the fact our cell phones contain GPS chips that could allow outside parties to determine our location and everywhere we have been, the technology is alive and kicking. Of course, it is a positive thing if we are ever in an emergency situation or are in need of help, and we always have the option of not using cellular communication devices. However, how much monitoring is too much?

Should the government be allowed to place real-time monitoring devices such as the SilverCloud GPS on a private citizen’s vehicle without a warrant?

Should government agencies be allowed to access historical and live location data via cellular technology?

Is the “War On Terror”  a cover that has basically given the government a free pass to monitor civilians more closely?

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