GPS Bracelets To Be Discontinued

GPS Bracelet4

Personal Trackers Are On Indefinite Hold

Over the past two years one of the top-selling products offered through the Tracking System Direct online store has been the GPS bracelet. What made this particular product so successful was that it allowed families and caregivers to monitor senior loved ones battling memory illnesses such as Dementia, while also offering concerned parents a tool to help them keep track of their children. The product was instrumental in improving the lives of people all over the United States through an application of personal tracking, and this is why our company is disappointed to announce that it will no longer be offering the GPS bracelet manufactured by the people at Laipac.

The most obvious questions that customers who have contacted Tracking System Direct have asked lately is why have we stopped carrying the GPS bracelet and when will we be offering an alternative solution designed for personal tracking? Both are very excellent questions and we are more than happy to discuss the situation with our customers to keep them as informed as possible. Basically what happened was the manufacturer of the GPS bracelet was having issues supplying the wholesale distributor ever since October. These delays forced Tracking System Direct to take pre-orders from customers until stock was supplied. Although this was an inconvenience for some it allowed customers to still get personal tracking hardware even with moderate delays. However, once the delays began getting worse and worse Tracking System Direct had to make a change.

“Laipac would tell us that GPS bracelets would be available on a particular day only to have that date come and go”, explained a inventory manager for Tracking System Direct. “They just kept giving us more excuses and more delays which we would explain to our customers, but the inconsistencies eventually started making our company look bad. The numerous delays began reflecting poorly upon us in the eyes of our customers. This is when we knew it was time to move in a new direction. Currently, we have a team of technicians evaluating a number of the most popular GPS trackers designed for personal monitoring and even some new devices that made their debut at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. We understand that our customers demand quality and we won’t bring a personal monitoring device to our online store until we have validation that the product is indeed one that offers easy to use online controls at a very high quality.”

Tracking System Direct would like to apologize for any inconveniences experienced by families, caregivers and parents in urgent need of a GPS bracelet. Please know that we regret not being able to offer a product during this short period of time that can enhance personal safety, but we are working diligently to bring you the best personal trackers on the market and won’t stop until we have a tracking bracelet that truly exceeds expectations in terms of reliability and efficiency.