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GPS Child Tracking Jewelry

GPS Child Tracking Jewelry – 5 Best Safety Picks For Children

Children and adults go missing every day in every state in the US. In 2007 a grand total of 814,957 people were registered as missing. It is projected that in 2010, that number will rise to over 1,000,000. Approximately 50% of missing person cases in the US are juveniles (that is, children under 18). 65% are under the age of 20. Yearly, about 10% of these cases go unsolved. Yes, ten percent of babies, children, teens, and adults never return home. These startling statistics lead us to the question: What can be done about this massive problem? The answer comes in a GPS tracker for kids designed to track your child using smartphone apps!

Technological strides have recently been taken to promote the use of GPS location tracking to find missing persons. Through a combination of real-time GPS and SIM cards, a kids’ GPS tracker can be easily accessed by search and rescue teams to locate a missing child. In this article, we will go over GPS child tracking jewelry products and explain how they can help you boost child safety!

Jiobit – The Top Locator For Kids

The Top Locator For Kids


  • Data Plans for Jiobit: Keeps your tracker connected & you informed.

  • Monthly or Annual: Choose the subscription that fits your needs.

  • No Extra SIM: Built-in cellular, ready to use out of the box.

Statistics show a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the United States, highlighting the critical need for reliable child safety solutions. The Jiobit GPS tracker addresses this concern directly, offering precise real-time location tracking through a blend of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular technology. Designed for everyday use, it securely attaches to clothing or shoes, ensuring it stays with your child throughout the day.

The device boasts a battery life of up to a week, minimizing the need for frequent charging. The personal GPS tracker’s accompanying app enhances usability, allowing for the creation of geofenced areas with instant alerts when your child enters or leaves these zones. With a focus on privacy, the Jiobit employs advanced security measures to protect your information. The tracker’s waterproof design ensures it can withstand any adventure, providing parents with a dependable tool for monitoring their child’s whereabouts.

Jiobit GPS, priced at $129.99, offers valuable features for child tracking, but potential buyers should consider the associated subscription costs when evaluating its suitability for their needs. According to one parent who reviewed Jiobit, the GPS child tracking jewelry was accurate, durable, and easy to use. However, its “Ring” feature and customer service fell short in her personal experience.





  • Real-Time Location Tracking

  • Durable, Secure Attachment

  • Custom Geofence Alerts

  • Advanced Security Measures

  • Waterproof Design

  • Water Resistance: Yes

  • Battery Life: Up to 1 Week

  • Subscription Required: Yes

  • Compatibility: Android, Apple Devices

  • Design: Waterproof, Attachable

As of 3/25/2024

4.0 Stars | 2,459 Ratings



  • No extra SIM or cellular plan required.

  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices.

  • Choice between monthly or annual plans.

  • Free Jiobit app for easy activation.

  • Designed specifically for real-time location tracking.

  • Requires ongoing subscription for functionality.

  • Limited to only location tracking features.

  • Monthly plan may add up over time.

  • Dependent on mobile device compatibility.

  • No information on waterproof capabilities.

Mark Horn

Positive Review Review Date - November 23, 2023

I have tested it out a few times, and although it isn’t as pinpoint accurate as my pup's AirTag, the AirTag doesn’t work once we go into the woods. The one thing I was weary about was battery life, and I have had this now for a little over a month, and I have only charged it once. It doesn’t seem to use much battery life at all, as long as it’s in a trusted area. It does send me notifications whenever we leave home, which does take a few minutes to go through to my cell, but that’s to be expected. Overall, I think it definitely helps give me peace of mind that I can track my pup if she gets lost in the woods.

Ari F

Negative Review - Review Date -December 21, 2023

I purchased the kid tracker with high hopes, but my experience has been disappointing. Be aware that attempting to pause the monthly subscription beyond 6 months leads to the device's indefinite deactivation. Even within that time frame, reactivation incurs a fee close to 3 months of subscription. With the initial device cost of $129, subscription expenses, and these unexpected charges, the overall purchase has left me frustrated and regretful. Buyers should beware of the hidden fees and restrictive cancellation policies.

Resource: View a detailed review of this GPS child tracking jewelry on Wired

AngelSense GPS


  • Real-Time Tracking: Always locate your loved one indoors & outdoors.

  • Proactive Alerts: Get notified when they're in danger or wander off.

  • Two-Way Audio: Talk & listen to them for reassurance & guidance.


AngelSense GPS is a reliable child tracking device designed to enhance the safety of high-risk children, including those with special needs. This mini GPS tracker comes packed with a tracker, sleeve, USB charger, and three magnetic pins, ensuring it stays attached all day, especially crucial for those with special needs. A full charge lasts about 26 hours, and it recharges in 110 minutes. Despite its small size, it’s a bit heavy, which could be cumbersome for some children. It’s also water-resistant, not waterproof, requiring an additional purchase for full water activities.

Regarding safety, AngelSense’s design aims to be secure, preventing easy removal, which is vital since, according to a National Center for Missing & Exploited Children report, an estimated 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States. This statistic underscores the importance of reliable tracking devices for children’s safety.

The service plan, necessary for GPS tracking and other features, is more expensive compared to other trackers but offers comprehensive tracking, calls, and SOS features. While AngelSense offers advanced tracking and security, its cost and comfort may be considerations for parents.





  • Real-time tracking

  • Assistive speakerphone

  • Intelligent iAlerts

  • Emergency search tools

  • Non-removable wearing sleeve

  • Subscription: $49.99/month

  • Battery: Full-day

  • Size: 1.73 x 2.4 x 0.63 inches

  • Weight: 1.4 oz

  • App: iOS, Android, PC

As of 3/25/2024

4.1 Stars | 732 Ratings



  • Includes assistive speakerphone with 60 voice minutes/month.

  • Unlimited live tracking with a $49.99/month subscription.

  • Real-time tracking both outdoors and indoors.

  • Free service for the first month, easy activation.

  • Audible device alarm for locating in crowds.

  • Monthly subscription required: $49.99/month with a 1-year contract.

  • Limited voice minutes (60 per month) for the speakerphone.

  • Limited battery life requires daily charging.

  • May not be suitable for individuals without special needs.

  • Limited to areas with cellular network coverage.


Positive Review Review Date -September 26, 2023

I use it to track my son on his school bus to make sure I don’t miss his drop-off. The battery lasts up to 3 days, and the GPS is highly accurate. I was previously using an Apple Tag that wouldn’t track in real time, so I looked for other options. It shows you the MPH he’s going, gives an ETA for home arrival, and sends me a notification when he’s left his school so I know when to start watching the GPS map. I love it. I am very happy with the product, and the $40/month service fee is worth it for peace of mind.


Negative Review - Review Date -September 9, 2023

The device is ok, but the fact that it has a $50 subscription monthly is one thing, and the other flaw is that it has a “limited” call/listen in feature during the month, but if you use it all up before the month is up, then you have to wait until next month to get more call time or you have to pay a higher amount on top of the subscription just to continue to call or listen in to your loved one. For me, I don’t like it, and money doesn’t grow on trees. I didn’t learn about the downfall of the limited call feature until my son was in class, and I tried to check on him but couldn’t without paying more money. If I had known, I would have gone with a different device. Especially because he’s autistic and I need to be able to keep tabs and audio on him at all times without the worry of needing to pay more when the free time runs out.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

  • Easy Tracking: Tag items, see location in SmartThings Find app.

  • Simple & Durable: Compact, water-resistant, battery lasts up to 500 days.

  • Nearby Search: Get guided directions with Compass View.


The Samsung SmartThings Tracker is a device designed to give you real-time updates on your child’s location through a user-friendly smartphone app. This compact, water-resistant tracker uses 4G GPS technology to ensure you can always keep tabs on your child, whether they’re at school, the park, or on the move.

Consider the reassurance this brings, especially in light of statistics from the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, which reported over 340,000 missing children cases in 2020. The ability to instantly locate your child in a world where uncertainties abound cannot be overstated.

Many parents, like one who shared their personal experience in an online review, have found peace of mind in the device’s discreet design and emergency SOS feature, which allows children to send an alert with their location with just a couple of clicks. However, it’s important to be aware of its reliance on cellular coverage, which can be a limitation in areas with poor service. Additionally, the device comes with monthly subscription fees after the initial free period, adding to the cost over time.

Despite these considerations, the Samsung SmartThings Tracker offers a blend of security and convenience. The GPS kid tracker empowers you to maintain a watchful eye over your loved ones without encroaching on their independence, making it a valuable tool in your child safety toolkit.





  • Easy Tracking & Carrying

  • Water- and Dust-Resistant

  • Long Battery Life

  • Intuitive Tracking Experience

  • Audible Signal for Locating

  • IP67 Water and Dust Resistance

  • Battery Life: Up to 500 Days

  • Compatibility: IoT Devices via SmartThings Find

  • Enhanced Tracking: Search Nearby with Compass View

  • Power Modes: Standard & Non-Power Saving

As of 3/25/2024

4.3 Stars | 2,108 Ratings



  • IP67-rated: Water and dust resistant.

  • Easy IoT device activation.

  • Long battery life: Up to 500 days.

  • Quick setup with SmartThings Find.

  • Search Nearby feature with Compass View.

  • Monthly subscription required: $49.99/month with a 1-year contract.

  • Limited voice minutes (60 per month) for the speakerphone.

  • Limited battery life requires daily charging.

  • May not be suitable for individuals without special needs.

  • Limited to areas with cellular network coverage.


Positive Review Review Date -December 30, 2023

It works great and is very versatile. Being able to find your keys and your device is a huge benefit. Being in the Samsung Eco System, this is a necessity. Track pets, cars,luggage, and devices.

Haitham Badarin

Negative Review - Review Date - December 20, 2023

I have been using the original SmartTag for over 2 years now. I decided to get the new SmartTag2 after I saw the improvements Samsung made in both the design and battery life. I'm now very disappointed as the new device started showing low battery error just 2 months after I activated it!
I searched online, and it appears that a dozen Samsung users have experienced the issue with their SmartTag devices, and Samsung just doesn't care.
My recommendation is to not buy the SmartTag2 for now or expect to replace the battery in the first 2 or 3 months!

Verizons’ GizmoWatch

Verizons’ GizmoWatch

  • Safe Tracking: Know your child's location with custom alerts for zones they enter & leave.

  • Unlimited Talk & Text: Connect through reliable network with texts, emojis, and even voice messages.

  • Controlled Contacts: Set a trusted contact list to limit who your child can call or text.


The Verizon GizmoWatch merges the functionality of a fitness tracker with the security of anti-lost technology, marking it as a standout choice among smartwatches designed for kids. Priced at an accessible $99, this mini smartwatch kid tracker  is not only budget-friendly but also simplifies the tracking process with an intuitive mobile app for parents.

Featuring fitness tracker applications, the GizmoWatch encourages physical activity and health consciousness among young users. Its design prioritizes simplicity, ensuring that both kids find it easy to navigate and parents experience no hassle in setup. Such features highlight the GizmoWatch as a tool that supports both safety and wellness for children.

However, it’s important to consider the feedback from the Verizon store, where the GizmoWatch holds a 2.5-star rating based on 84 verified buyer reviews. This mixed reception suggests that while the watch offers significant benefits, there are aspects that may not meet every user’s expectations.

Given the critical role of technology in enhancing child safety—evidenced by a 2021 study revealing that over 50% of parents use some form of tech to keep track of their children—it’s essential to weigh the GizmoWatch’s advantages against its user feedback. In doing so, you can make a more informed decision on whether its features align with your child’s needs and your expectations for a tracking device.





  • GPS & Safe Zones

  • Unlimited Talk & Text

  • Parent-Managed Contacts

  • Enhanced GPS & Battery

  • Waterproof Silicone Band

  • Contact List: Up to 100

  • Battery: Extended Life (Post-Update)

  • Communication: Text, Voice, Emojis

  • Accessories: Screen Protector Included

  • Launch Update: 11/13/2023

As of 3/25/2024

3.0 Stars | 3 Ratings



  • GPS tracking with customizable Safe Zones.

  • Unlimited talk and text on a reliable network.

  • Parent-managed contact list up to 100 contacts.

  • SOS/emergency button for quick contact.

  • Screen protector with 99% transparency and anti-spy filter.

  • Limited to 100 contacts managed by parents.

  • Requires a network for GPS tracking and communication.

  • Watch design might not appeal to all children.

  • Dependence on software updates for optimal performance.

  • Potential privacy concerns with GPS tracking feature.

Resource: Read real user experiences of this GPS child tracking jewelry on Reddit


Positive Review Review Date - December 10, 2022

I bought this for my 6-year-old son. It's perfect for our needs! No games on the phone (although, to be fair, it has a step counter and a jump counter)! It has GPS and allows phone calls to and from the people you put on the contact list (no telemarketers or anyone else you don't want to call). It also allows texts, but they have to go through the Gizmo app (only Mom and Dad are going to do this with him). Texts are selected on the watch from a bank of messages. Anyway, the Gizmo is really amazing and perfect for our purposes. My son has literally been calling me from his room when he wakes up, calls me from the basement, etc.—he's so excited to have it and loves that he can call me from his friend's house. I also love that I can call him and tell him it's time for him to come home too, instead of having neighbors relay the message to him. Definitely a winner!

CoCo B!

Negative Review - Review Date - January 12, 2024

We did not receive our additional black arm band with this product.

Buddy Tag

Buddy Tag

  • Snug Fit: Soft, flexible silicone holds AirTag securely without being too loose or tight.

  • Water-Resistant: Enclosed design protects AirTag from splashes (not submersion).

  • Kid-Friendly: Secure buckle and perfect length, ideal for 4.5-7.5" wrists.


Buddy Tag is a child tracking device that comes with a silicone wristband, making it a convenient and wearable mini GPS tracker designed specifically for kids. The Buddy Tag offers a range of features designed to enhance child tracking and safety. One notable feature is the comfortable silicone wristband that comes with the device. This wristband ensures that children can wear the Buddy Tag securely, minimizing the risk of misplacing the tracking device.

Accurate GPS tracking is at the core of the Buddy Tag’s capabilities, providing you with precise location information. This functionality is critical in today’s world, where, according to a report by the Polly Klaas Foundation, nearly 9 out of 10 parents who use child safety devices say it has helped prevent their child from going missing. This statistic underscores the importance of having a reliable tool to monitor your child’s whereabouts.

However, it’s essential to consider some of the Buddy Tag’s limitations. Some parents have reported that their children, including those as young as three, can remove the wristband, potentially reducing its effectiveness as a safety device. Additionally, with a rating of 3 out of 5 stars from over 60 customer reviews on Amazon, the Buddy Tag has received mixed feedback from users. This variance in customer satisfaction highlights the importance of evaluating whether the Buddy Tag meets your specific child tracking needs and concerns.

Buddy Tag is a child tracking device with a comfortable wristband and accurate GPS tracking capabilities. However, you should be aware of the device’s possible ease of removal and consider the mixed customer reviews when deciding if it suits your child’s tracking needs.





  • AirTag-Compatible

  • Waterproof Upgrade

  • Secure Adjustable Buckle

  • Durable & Comfortable Material

  • Colorful Options Available

  • Material: Soft, Flexible Silicone

  • Size Range: 4.5-7.5 inches

  • Waterproofing: Splash-resistant Design

  • Package: 2 Bands + 2 Lids

  • Compatibility: Specifically for Apple AirTag

As of 3/25/2024

4.4 Stars | 512 Ratings



  • Specially designed for Apple AirTag.

  • Premium soft, flexible silicone material.

  • Full-coverage design for enhanced water resistance.

  • Adjustable wrist strap fits 4.5-7.5 inches.

  • Pack includes 2 wrist bands and 2 lids.

  • AirTag not included with wristband purchase.

  • Not suitable for prolonged water immersion.

  • Only fits Apple AirTag, not other trackers.

  • Limited to wristband use; no other attachment options.

  • May require frequent cleaning due to sweat-proof material.


Positive Review Review Date - December 1, 2023

I bought these for my kids to wear while on vacation. Air tags fit perfectly. They sealed off great and had no issues. My kids swam in them.

Ellen Dumas

Negative Review - Review Date - December 4, 2023

The small cap behind it won’t close properly. You can’t trust that this will stay in place while kids play, especially in the water. So it’s not waterproof, nor is it a good air tag holder. Don’t buy!!!!

Exploring The Limitations Of GPS Child Tracking Jewelry

Every caring parent understands the dangers that are present in the real world, and that is why many parents take every precaution to protect their children. Making sure a child is crossing the street safely or not wandering off in public places are only a couple of the many things that a parent is concerned with on an almost daily basis. Parents monitor children to ensure their safety in a dangerous world, and that is why parents are turning to wearable GPS trackers to boost safety. But why are there so many mini GPS devices and not many designed as tracker jewelry for kids?

The reality is when it comes to GPS tracking children jewelry is not the best way to secure the technology. That means earrings, necklaces, pendants, and other popular styles of jewelry are not used to house real time GPS tech. Therefore, if you are searching for GPS tracker jewelry you are not going to find many options on the market. That is why it is best to stick with the top-selling personal trackers for kids with many reviews.

gps tracker jewelry

Empowering Parents With Wearable GPS Locators

With GPS tracking systems designed for child monitoring, you gain a powerful tool to enhance your child’s safety. These real-time GPS trackers offer continuous location updates, allowing you to keep an eye on your child’s whereabouts effortlessly.

Whether your child is playing outside, strolling through the mall, or enjoying a day at the park, you’ll have instant access to their location and movements. You can conveniently view this data from your computer or smartphone app, and some devices even provide 2-way voice communication for added peace of mind.

More and more proactive parents are turning to GPS tracking systems to bolster personal safety. Originally used for fleet management, these systems now offer a way to track every move your baby, child, or teen makes. Simply place a tracking unit on your child or teen’s belongings, and you’ll have 24/7 access to their location history. Accessing this data is easy from home, work, or any computer with internet access.

For added convenience, some parents entrust nannies or caregivers with keeping tracking systems in a baby’s stroller. Why? So both parents can have remote access to their child’s whereabouts!

What Is The Best Way To Track Your Child

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Safety Wearable Devices For Kids Full-Proof?

Wearable GPS trackers really are excellent devices to improve the safety of any family, but using trackers for kids does not guarantee child safety. Even if a GPS tracker designed for baby was utilized by a parent, an accident can still happen in a split second. If the parent fails to recognize the potential dangers surrounding them then an accident always has the possibility of happening. This is what happens when a parent is not focused on their children in high-risk situations or places. Parents should take advantage of all the various tools available to improve family safety such as silicone wristbands, personal alarms, or GPS watches for kids, but never forget that they (the parents) are the most important tool for keeping their children safe.

What Types Of GPS Tracking Jewelry Are Available For Kids?

There are various types of GPS tracking jewelry for kids, such as necklaces, bracelets, and smartwatches. These devices often incorporate features like realtime location tracking, geofencing, and SOS buttons. Some popular options include the Mini A9 GPS Tracker Necklace and the Lil Tracker GPS Watch.

How Do Personal Safety Devices Like GPS Tracking Jewelry Help Parents Monitor Their Child’s Location?

GPS tracking jewelry for kids, such as smartwatches and necklaces, call upon GPS technology to provide parents with realtime location updates. You can set up geofences and receive notifications when your child enters or leaves specific areas, like school zones. These devices provide peace of mind by ensuring your child’s safety.

Are There GPS Tracker Watches Specifically Designed For Kids?

Yes! Kids’ smartwatches, like the Xplora X5 Play and Apple Watch SE, are designed with child-friendly features. They offer location tracking, fitness tracking, and two-way calling. Many also have games and educational apps, making them fun and practical for kids to wear daily.

Can I Use Apple AirTags For Tracking My Child?

While Apple AirTags are primarily designed for tracking items like keys and wallet luggage, they can be adapted for child tracking. Accessories like the AirTag bracelet, necklace, or wristband can convert the AirTag into wearable tracking jewelry. However, remember that AirTags lack some features specifically designed for children, like SOS buttons and geofencing.

Are There Any Ongoing Costs Associated With Using GPS Tracking Jewelry For Kids?

Yes, many GPS tracking devices, such as personal GPS trackers and GPS smartwatches, require a monthly subscription. Why? Because the data costs and features such as two-way calling. Costs vary by device and service provider, so be sure to research your options and consider any additional expenses before purchasing.

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