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One of the most important moments for any teenager is the time they pass a behind-the-wheel driving exam and written test offered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), successfully acquiring a driver’s license and the freedom that comes along with having one. Although having a license is a big step in the maturation process for teens, as it adds a layer of independence and new responsibility, it also results in additional worry for concerned parents. Parents undeniably understand the horrific statistics associated with teenage driving, and how motor vehicle crashes are the number one premature killer of young people. Driving is a difficult process on its own right for many teens, but when alcohol is also thrown in the mix the equation can be almost certain disaster. Identifying whether or not a teen is intoxicated while operating a vehicle is nearly impossible for parents to do remotely, but real-time teen GPS tracker systems such as the SilverCloud GPS are helping parents monitor dangerous driving behaviors that are often associated with drinking and driving.

Drinking and driving is a serious problem that has plagued the United States for decades, but with organizations such as MADD and SADD shining the spotlight on the important topic, more awareness on the issue is occurring at both homes and schools. However, parents and educators cannot make an accurate estimate or determination of a teen is possibly engaging in alcohol consumption unless they understand the warning signs which include:

  • Decline In Grades & Overall Academic Performance
  • Sudden Change In Friends With Less Or No Interest In Old Friends
  • Emotional Outbursts And Increased Temper
  • Increase In Isolation Behaviors Such As Sitting In Their Room Alone
  • Noticeable Blurry Eyes, Sores or Bruises
  • Slurred Speech
  • Teen Receives Multiple Traffic Violations And Citations

There are a number of reasons why teenage consumption of alcohol is a negative thing, but the most important thing parents should remember is that if their teen is consuming alcohol regularly and has a driver’s license it is likely only a matter of time before they drink and drive.

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What Can We Do To Prevent Someone From Drinking And Driving?

GPS vehicle tracking systems are great tools for parents because the monitoring solutions are able to capture a wide range of data associated with driving behaviors and activity, things that can help parents find out if their teenage son or daughter may be drinking and driving. First of all, a car GPS tracker has the capability to document every stop a teen makes, making it easy for parents to identify if their teen is at a party and the exact address the party is located. Second, data from a GPS system such as the SilverCloud GPS tracker can be accessed remotely by parents, allowing them to oversee teenage driving behaviors without a teen ever knowing. However, the most important way in which teen tracking systems can help parents is by alerting them when a teen is speeding, a behavior often linked to drinking and driving.

Speeding increases the probability of a motorist becoming involved in a car crash, and what is even worse is that the more often a person speeds the more comfortable they become engaged in the dangerous driving behavior. According to a New Zealand study published on why speeding is bad, the faster a motorist drives the harder it will crash into obstacles, the more difficult it will be to operate a vehicle and there is a reduced peripheral and visual field. Parents can preach all day until the cows come home, but if they have no way of managing whether or not their words of wisdom are being practiced they are simply taking a chance. However, through the use of personal tracking systems such as the SilverCloud GPS, parents can set-up speed alerts that will automatically trigger the transmission of an email and text message to a parent’s cellular phone the second a teen is speeding! The parent sets the speed limit that they feel is safe and reasonable, and if that speed is ever exceeded the parent will receive instant notification.

Teenage drinking and driving is a very serious issue that all parents need to discuss and think about. Watching for warning signs and monitoring teenage driving are a few simple tips that can help parents identify if their teen could be drinking and driving, but at the end of the day, parents will need to be very proactive if they want to increase family safety, especially when it comes to teenage driving.