GPS Data Logger For Mac


New GPS Tracker In Development

GPS Data Logger That Works With Mac

Tracking System Direct has always sought out the top-performing vehicle management solutions created by manufacturers all over the globe. Bringing reliable and cost-effective GPS tracking devices to all consumers has always been the philosophy of the Southern California-based GPS fleet tracking solutions company, and that is why Tracking System Direct is very proud to announce that it is working closely with a reputable manufacturer developing a new passive tracker that has the capability to function with Mac operating systems!

The most popular selling passive GPS tracker of all-time has widely been viewed as the LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key. What made the device so special when it was released to the public was the simplicity of hardware design, compact housing that eliminated the need for any external antennas, a USB port built right onto the device, magnetic mount for users to put the tracker easily on the outside of a target vehicle and the low cost associated with operation (no service fees). With all of these quality features, the Tracking Key has continued to hold its own in a marketplace filled with competing products, even years after its retail debut. Although the tracker system is consistently rated high among technology and gadget review sites, the main complaint about the GPS monitoring device was that it would only work with PC-based operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7.

“Anybody who has used the Tracking Key line of products has stated how impressed they were with the overall functionality of the devices, but with more people using Apple computers now than ever before, the demand has skyrocketed for a passive tracker that can connect and function off of a Mac operating system”, explained a product evaluator for Tracking System Direct. “When the new personal GPS tracking device is eventually released, hopefully later this year, users can expect the same type of quality received from the original Tracking Key, but with a wealth of improvements made across the board, including stronger battery-life, more sensitive antenna design and user-friendly software. Of course, we will continue utilizing Google Maps and Google Earth as the primary mapping programs since so many people prefer them over alternative satellite mapping programs.”

Due to the ongoing development of the new tracker, many details are still yet to be released to the public. However, the car tracking system experts at Tracking System Direct would like readers to be aware that the moment more information becomes available about the new exciting product it will be posted on the company website.