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Selecting The Correct GPS Monitoring Plan

sharedgpstrackingOne of the very first things companies and families interested in real-time GPS trackers discover rather quickly is that each monitoring device requires a data plan for service. Designed in a similar fashion to cellular phones in that each unit requires hardware (the phone) and a monthly device obligation (data plan), trackers devices that operate in real-time tend to be for people more interested in having instant access to locational information of people and assets. With real-time trackers offering the vehicle and asset management solutions for a number of different demographics of users, each data plan should be carefully examined according to the application sought after by the buyer. Tracking System Direct would like to provide clarity on what users often select as data plans in order to offer assistance to future prospective buyers. Below is a list of the available data plans for the current exclusive live monitoring devices, SilverCloud and Sync tracker, and the users who often select each data plan.

$19.95 Per Month: Unlimited 5 Minute Plan

The GPS tracking plan most used for people with short-term monitoring needs, the five minute plan is ideal for those who do not need to meticulously observe positional information with consistency. The most affordable data plan option, the five minute plan is used among those in need of a auto-theft prevention device, senior personal tracker device and those seeking to validate a relationship.

$29.95 Per Month: Unlimited 1 Minute Plan

More commonly used as the data option among small businesses, the one minute plan refreshes locational information 5x faster than the minimum data plan, offering a more reliable breakdown of employee driving activity.

$39.95 Per Month: Unlimited 10 Second Plan

The most popular and recommended data plan, the ten second plan offers continuous tracking at a rate that is smooth and consistent. The data plan most often chosen by service-based companies such as plumbing businesses, delivery operations, landscaping companies, the ten second plan will offer clear and reliable GPS vehicle tracker data that can improve any businesses’ operations.

$49.95 Per Month: Unlimited 5 Second Plan

The GPS vehicle tracking plan most used by service-based companies that stay in operation for long durations of time, this particular data option is the favorite among taxi cab companies, limo services and tow truck businesses. An excellent GPS data plan choice for those in need of a daily vehicle observation tool, the five second data plan is recommended for power fleet tracking users.

$59.95 Per Month: Unlimited 3 Second Plan

The GPS tracking plan most used among police agencies conducting in-depth surveillance, the 3 second data plan is the ultimate real-time tracking plan. In fact, no other GPS tracker device has the ability to update with such frequency, making it ideal for businesses looking for a sophisticated fleet management tool.

People or businesses with additional questions surrounding the data plan options can contact Tracking System Direct any day of the week to get a free one-on-one consultation about the different real-time GPS options.