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GPS Tracking Data Creates Biggest Drawing

Art Goes High-Tech With GPS Tracker

Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci could have never imagined how one artist would use technology to create what some people are calling the largest “drawing” ever created. What the artist did was take a GPS tracking system, place it in a suitcase, and then give the package to a global shipping provider, DHL, with specific travel instructions. The travel destinations were pre-planned for months, sketching out a large image of a man that stretches across the entire globe. After the package returned from its trip the recorded GPS tracking data from the no monthly fee GPS tracker plotted an amazing image with the assistance of satellite tracking system technology.

For skeptics who do not believe something like this would be possible, the artist has provided evidence of the GPS tracking art, providing numerous receipts and other documentation that appears to validate his story. Regardless of what some people may think about the artist’s endeavor, one thing is for certain, and that is accomplishing the feat must have been time-consuming and arduous.

This shows yet another way that people are using both real-time and GPS data loggers for purposes and applications not related to relationship monitoring, which most uninformed people believe to be the main users of GPS tracking technology.

Source: Engadget