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GPS Devices For Limousine Tracking

Washington Limo Company Uses GPS Tracking

Companies that have a fleet of vehicles in operation truly understand the importance of driver efficiency and route management. Especially, now that gasoline prices are bordering near the $5.00 per gallon mark in many metropolitan areas. This is why so many bus companies, taxi cab operations and airport shuttle businesses are now routinely investing in real-time GPS trackers. Although the combination of transportation companies and GPS tracking systems makes logical sense, luxury service vehicle companies are also jumping on the efficiency trend.

Enhancing Efficiency In Seattle

Seattle Executive Limo is one of the premier town car and limo services operating in the Tacoma/Seattle region. The officially contracted company to provide services at the Seattle Airport, according to the Port of Seattle Authority Seattle Executive Limousine offers luxurious town car and limo rentals for everyday visitors coming to the pacific northwest city for personal or business reasons. Whether it be a 6 seater limo, Lincoln Town Car or Chevy Suburban, Seattle Executive Limousine has passengers covered. But as impressive as their luxury vehicle fleet is, the Seattle area company realized very early on that driver inefficiencies could have a significant impact on the bottom line. This is why the company turned to fleet tracking systems that provide real-time locational data.

Getting Sync’d Up With GPS

After speaking with a Tracking System Direct sales associate about their vehicle tracking needs, Seattle Executive Limousine made it clear that they were not going to covertly hide the tracker devices, but definitely needed a GPS solution that provided live data. With this knowledge the representative recommended the Sync Tracker, a real-time device that plugged directly into the OBDii port of the luxury vehicles. With this particular tracker system, Seattle Executive Limousine would not have to hard-wire the device (the GPS would pull power via the OBDii port), pay for installation or worry about drivers taking advantage of the company. The tracker system would also provide alerts about drivers speeding, route selection, fuel consumption and more. All things associated with the cost of doing business, but all things when better managed could be improved.

“We have always understood that each client’s needs are different, and  that is why we spend significant time communicating with each business or consumer to make sure they get the GPS tracker most suited for their personal tracking needs”, explained a sales rep for Tracking System Direct.

Tracking System Direct is honored to be the GPS supplier for Seattle Executive Limousine’s fleet of luxury automobiles. Anyone traveling or vacationing in the Tacoma/Seattle region and needing a ride too or from the airport should contact the company to get more information on their services.

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