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GPS Devices Track Election Equipment

GPS Tracking For Election System

Real Time GPS Monitors 17,000 Pieces Of Equipment

If you don’t believe government officials care about your vote then you better think again. It is because of the importance of votes and ballot security that the county of Maricopa has chosen to use GPS devices to monitor voting machines and equipment during the upcoming elections. Voting machines and equipment are susceptible to tampering and theft during every election, therefore, election officials in one Arizona county have put together a plan to monitor ballot boxes, voter machines, ballot bags and other miscellaneous voting equipment via GPS tracking technology.

Election officials believe the new GPS tracking plan that will assist in the safe-keeping of voting equipment will provide a sense of confidence within voters over the electoral process.

Protecting Election Equipment

Maricopa county election officials will debut the GPS tracking system protected equipment during school district elections set to begin later this March. Once the preliminary results for the GPS monitoring program are reviewed, the program will expand in full effect for the elections in May regarding sales tax.

Maricopa County has spent nearly a quarter-million dollars on the GPS monitoring program that they believe helps protect the fundamental integrity of the voting process.

Source: AZ Central