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Bike GPS Tracker

Whether it be a ride in the hills on a mountain bike or a simple cruise through an urban environment, everyone can enjoy the sense of freedom that comes along with riding a bike. Maybe it started during our youth when having a bike made the world just a little smaller, but whatever the reason may be there is no doubt the love so many men, women, boys and girls have for riding bicycles. Unfortunately, bicycles are frequently targeted by thieves and rarely do stolen bikes make their safe return home to their rightful owners. However, that may all change now that a company based in Chicago has been developing a GPS tracking system called BikeSpike that will provide real-time locational information on where a individuals bicycle is located at all times!

Created as a solution to help recover any stolen bicycle, BikeSpike could be the next popular consumer gizmo for safeguarding property. The real-time GPS asset tracker was engineered with an internal antenna, on-board accelerometer and of course GSM technology used to transfer locational data through the use of cellular networks. The combination of all those technological innovations working together allows people to monitor the location of their bike using a smart phone or any web-enabled device.

Although BikeSpike will provide real-time GPS monitoring, the developers are quick to point out that their product should not replace standard bike locking systems, but instead simply provide an additional form of security. In fact, the creators of BikeSpike have went on record saying that all cyclists should physically lock their property and then digitally lock the bike through the use of the tracker system.

BikeSpike tracker systems can easily be hid with the included disguised water bottle, and the GPS can be programmed to alarm users of the bike is moved out of the predefined safe zone. The alarms, which are sent with text message and email, can be programmed via iOS, android app or over the Internet. Cyclists are also provided with the choice to share personal GPS monitoring data online. This allows family, friends or police to quickly identify the position of the bike if it is ever stolen.

Bike Security & Safety

The online interface and BikeSpike app offer more than just live GPS monitoring data. This is because the
app was even developed with a template that gives users the ability to draft a detailed report that can easily be sent to local authorities if the bike were ever stolen.

GPS Fitness

Not only do BikeSpike tracker devices offer security and alerting options but they are also designed to operate as GPS fitness systems. This is done by the tracker constantly recording speed, distance traveled, incline climbing and descending data. This information can be used by cyclists to determine how fast they are riding, calories burned and a number of other factors related to personal fitness.

Ordering A Bike Tracker System

At this time Tracking System Direct is not an authorized distributor of BikeSpike products. However, in the near future our team of dedicated tracking experts will be evaluating the system to determine if the product stands up to the manufacturer’s claims. According to the team behind the BikeSpike tracker device, the $149.00 purchase includes a wall charger (unit needs to be charged roughly 30 days), the GPS unit itself, carbon fiber water bottle cage, security screws and data service plan for one year.

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