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GPS Tracking Device For Farm Equipment

Are you in need of a real time GPS tracker for your farming equipment? A solution that is waterproof with a magnet mount that will allow you to instantly protect and keep track of your skip steer, John Deere, or other heavy machinery? When it comes to a live GPS tracker that was designed to help farmers securely manage their assets there is no better solution than SpaceHawk. 

Best GPS System For Precision Farming & Theft Protection

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Features Of GPS For Farm Equipment

  • Know Where Your Equipment Is 24/7
  • Mini GPS Can Be Hidden Anywhere
  • Tractor GPS Reduces Labor Costs
  • Quickly Locate A Stolen Tractor or John Deere
  • Set Safe Zones and Get Alert If Agricultural Equipment Is Stolen  

SpaceHawk is a mini GPS that was designed to help farmers track any machinery or equipment in real time. The award-winning vehicle tracking device is 100% waterproof and can be attached to any asset via the powerful magnet mount. Simply attach SpaceHawk upon any tractor, John Deere, skip steer, or any other valuable piece of machinery to track the asset 24/7. There is no better tool to help farmers protect their equipment!


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Agriculture Asset Tracking

GPS tracking technology has been useful in many fleet management applications, but now is becoming popular for agriculture asset management. Whether a person is looking at farm income data, involved with pest management, spending time actually producing agricultural goods, or is one of the billions of people who purchase farm goods from a store, there will always be a vested interest in the farming industry. The reason that everyone has a vested interest in the efficiency of the American and global farming industry is that the more efficient farmers are, the more crops they will be able to produce. If crop yields are maximized to the outer limit of their potential, the end result would likely be a reduction in the cost of food. People spend less money at the grocery store and then have the extra disposable income to spend elsewhere and stimulate the economy. Clearly, it would be difficult to find someone who could find a real reason why it would be wrong to increase crop yields, but actually making that happen is a challenging task for the farmers who already utilize almost all the tools available to their disposal. This is where GPS vehicle tracking systems can help when it comes to the process of agriculture asset management.

Farmers, and people working in the farming industry, are some of the hardest working people in the nation. They are often up at the crack of dawn and work until the sun goes down. Farming means more to these people than simply the production of goods, it is a way of life that is centuries old and vital to the successful function of our society. These people tend and utilize the land to produce the maximum amount of crops to feed the people in their communities as well as the nation. However, there are always alternative ways to increase the efficiency of farmers while protecting farming equipment, and GPS tracking equipment provides that solution.

Rugged GPS Tracker For Anti Theft

GPS tracking systems are great tools for farmers because the units can both provide a way to quickly recovery expensive farming equipment if it were ever stolen, and enhance the efficiency of farmers working in the fields. From the theft protection aspect, farmers who equip live GPS trackers such as the SilverCloud tracker to their farming equipment can have constant remote access to their expensive machinery, but that is not the best part. The best part about using sophisticated agriculture asset trackers like the SilverCloud GPS is that the devices can actually alert farmers if their equipment is moved by sending a text message or email alert. Farmers can rest easy knowing that their farming equipment is safe when they use agriculture asset management technology. Not to mention, the rugged GPS trackers are often waterproof and engineered with magnetic surface mounts so they can be covertly placed on any piece of farm equipment to boost anti-theft security!

“I can still remember the first time I got a sales call from a person asking about how agriculture asset tracking devices could help improve farming techniques”. explained a sales rep for Tracking System Direct. “The farmer, who was from Montana, asked about the different types of live tracking systems on the market that could help farmers in their routing. I was initially surprised by the question because with my very limited knowledge of the farming industry and operation of farming equipment I thought that farmers had crop gathering down to pretty good science. What the Montana farmer was looking for was a system that would allow farmers to work in the field to make certain they were working in straight lines. The farmer explained that if his team of farmers working the field could work the land in straight lines they would be much more efficient because often time they go over crops that have already been tended. Real-time GPS tracking was the answer for the farmer because it allowed him to view all of his farming machinery as they operated in the field, giving him the ability to contact the guys working the land and see if anybody was going over the areas already worked”.

Although agriculture asset tracking systems are still more associated with fleet management applications, the technology is moving fast into the farming industry. This could be something we all benefit from, especially when the agriculture asset tracking technology can be a key factor in increased crop yield.

Farmers And Agribusinesses Utilize GPS Guidance Systems

Farming businesses can benefit from using vehicle tracking devices to protect expensive farming equipment from theft, or unnecessary wear and tear by the unauthorized use of farming equipment by employees. These are all positives, but GPS-based applications are doing even more to assist farming businesses. For example, a GPS steer system can be used to collect field data such as fleet tracking, land leveling, and how parallel lines are being drawn, saving time and money for farmers and agribusinesses. Tractor GPS navigation systems can auto steer heavy equipment and even the guidance systems can act as a field navigator, making it easy for farmers to conduct the most efficient field operation. 

Precision Agriculture Increased Crop Yield

Modern Farming Techniques Lead To More Revenue And Efficiency

Many farmers are now turning to technology to help increase crop yields and overall farm operations as GPS tracking, monitoring, and navigating are improving efficiency. Farmers everywhere are utilizing GPS tracking and navigational equipment to help determine what areas require fertilizer and how much fertilizer needs to be dispensed. Although it may appear at first glance like a very simple chore when a farmer has to maintain an area of land that is over 4,000-acres large or bigger the situation can be strenuous. The advanced farming techniques that use heavy machinery, navigation, and tracking system technology have all helped farmers across the United States increase corn yield, and nothing could make it more evident than the fact that Ohio recently set a new record for production of corn while working with fewer acres of land and fertilizer.

Many times high yields are the results of optimum conditions provided by Mother Nature, but in 2009 where a dry Summer and delayed wet harvest did not help farmers Ohio was still able to produce over 545 million bushels of corn crop with the average acre producing 174 bushels. GPS tracking, monitoring, and navigation equipment allow farmers to micromanage every portion of their land, allowing them to use fewer resources while increasing production.

With GPS tracking and navigation technology leading the way, farmers are sure to continue modernizing farm techniques and breaking production records.