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Google earth mapAlexandria, Virginia is probably not the first place most people think of when they think of a town offering fresh Indonesian cuisine but SataY Sarinah changed all that with eclectic authentic Indonesian dishes and recipes. As business continued to grow, SataY Sarinah owner Sonny Setiantoko decided to expand his business by investing in a food truck. With the new food truck, SataY Sarinah’ business began to grow and reach a larger customer base for over three years. That is until the company food truck itself became appetizing among thieves and was stolen.

One of the first things the owner at SataY Sarinah stated was he didn’t really believe his food truck would be a target for thieves because the truck was big and bright red, sticking out much like a sore thumb on any roadways. He believed that the only thing about the food truck that would seem appetizing to thieves would have been probably the generator used to power the kitchen equipment. He never actually thought the food truck itself could be targeted. Although Sonny is hopeful the stolen food truck will resurface the reality is that the food truck was not equipped with any form of security GPS system and therefore with each passing day it is unlikely to show up.

Alexandria Police investigating the food truck theft stated that a GPS auto tracking solution could have helped SataY Sarinah recover the stolen vehicle. This is because live GPS monitoring solutions not only can provide real-time locational data on where a food truck is at but can also notify a business the moment their food truck is moved without consent or authorization. In fact, police authorities said that the SataY Sarinah food truck theft was the second food truck theft in the area in the past 90 days. And although food truck theft is not overly common, police did suggest food truck companies should take the initiative to increase automotive security by investing in things like GPS vehicle tracking technology.

Currently, police in Alexandria are still asking for help from the public to see if anyone has any details about the stolen food truck. Any tips or information that can lead to the recovery of the stolen food truck would be greatly appreciated and can be sent directly to Alexandria Police.