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GPS Tracking Could Help Missing Children

balloonboyAs onlookers watched a big, silver, saucer-like balloon take a hard landing into a dirt field, they hoped that the missing boy who was trapped inside the basket attached to the balloon would be unharmed. The horrific situation all started when Falcon Heene, a young boy, climbed into a basket that was connected to a large balloon and was tied down in his parent’s backyard. For some unknown explanation, the balloon, with the boy inside the attached basket, broke away from its tie-downs and began drifting into the open sky. The balloon floated in the open sky for many hours, reaching elevations over 8,000 feet and speeds over 60 miles an hour, before it took a rough landing in a dirt field. The basket was still attached to the balloon when it landed, but the boy was no longer in it. Denver authorities have now began a full-scale search effort to find the missing boy.

Child GPS Tracking Systems

GPS trackers created for children have grown increasingly popular over the past 2 years. The GPS tracking systems come in the form of either a simple wristwatch-type apparatus, or come with a clip that can easily be attached to a child’s backpack or belt. GPS monitoring systems allows parents to know the exact location of their child at any given time. Parents who allow their children to play outside for extended periods of time without supervision typically find the GPS monitoring systems a valuable tool to help keep their children secure.

If Heene’s parents had been using a child tracker would they have known he was playing in an area he was not suppose to, or more importantly, would authorities have already found Heene, who is still missing?

Story Still Developing

As the horrific story still continues to unfold, authorities have been searching for the young boy in strategically mapped areas. Eyewitnesses watching the balloon travel through the air stated that they believe they saw something fall from the basket. The eyewitness information has incited a ground search to commence by Denver search and rescue officials.

When search and rescue officials were asked if the child had a GPS child tracker in his possession, they said no.

Source: Fox News