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GPS For Preventing Trailer Theft

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Trailer Theft Prevention Devices

Nothing sucks more than going out to your front yard, business or some other location where automotive assists are stored only to be slapped with the reality that you’ve become a victim of theft. Unfortunately, terrible people walk among us every day who want nothing more than to take advantage of other people’s success. These low-life punks and thieves don’t care about the people they steal from or the ramifications of the theft. Thankfully, satellite technology is now changing the battlefield though by giving trailer owners the ability to fight back the moment their vehicular assets go missing thanks to live GPS trackers for trailers for asset protection.

Hardwired GPS Tracker With Kill Switch


Asset Management & Protection

Asset management is a very serious issue among businesses, but it should also concern anyone who owns a trailer because a good management plan can result in loss prevention. The preferred asset management tool designed to prevent trailer loss is the live GPS car tracker. Live GPS car trackers are unique in that they can give trailer owners the capacity to access the location of a trailer in real time. This means at any point in time a trailer owner can hop onto a computer, tablet, or even their smartphone to where their automotive asset is with pinpoint accuracy! However, the most advantageous feature of live GPS car trackers is something known as a geographical fence.

Geo-Fencing Feature For Tracking Trailers

One of the coolest things about live trailer theft prevention devices is that they provide users the ability to set what is called a geographical fence or geo-fence. The briefest explanation of what this geo-fence feature does is that it notifies the owner of a trailer the very moment that the trailer is moved. This notification is sent to the owner of the trailer by email or text message. Once notified, the owner of the trailer can then go online and see where the thieves are transporting the stolen property. This real time information can then be relayed to local police authorities so a quick arrest and property recovery can be made.

How Is A Geo-Fence Programmed?

Programming a geo-fence to send out an alert the moment a trailer is moved without permission is a really simple process with the latest in-car tracking technology. First, the user accesses the backend online interface and selects the option for alerts. Once the geofence alert is selected a colored circle will appear on the mapping program. This circle is the boundary, meaning with the vehicle enters or leaves that circle an alert is sent. Lastly, the user needs to adjust the size of the circle. Programming a geo-fence can be completed in literally less than a minute, but those with questions can also contact the support rep from the manufacturer of the car tracker.

Trailer theft is still a very serious issue that will likely never end, but having a live car tracking unit can significantly increase the odds of a quick and safe recovery of that stolen property. And that is something that every trailer owner should think about when they investigate the security options available to safeguard their automotive assets.

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