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GPS For School Bus Tracking

GPS Tracking School Buses

Chattanooga Crash Highlights Need For GPS Tracking

Whenever our kids go to school we demand they be safe, but sadly student safety is becoming a luxury it seems. Parents constantly have to worry about a wide variety of school safety related issues from cyber bullying on social media, school shootings and as the horrific events in Chattanooga reminded us today, transportation.

The story out of Chattanooga is one that has happened in the past so it is very upsetting to to hear history repeating itself. What happened is a driver carrying a yellow school bus full of children was driving too fast. According to early reports from crime scene investigators, the driver, Johnthony Walker, was speeding on a narrow road in what was a 30mph zone. Walker allegedly swerved upon a elevated driveway where he hit a mailbox and then attempted to correct the bus movements by making a hard left turn where the bus finally collided with a pole and tree. The bus accident resulted in the horrific death of 5 children.

With weather not being a factor due to the clear road conditons, police have completely focused their energies on the driver and what is believed his decision to operate the school bus at a high rate of speed. Walker has also been arrested and now faces 5 counts of vehicular homocide.

Preventing Future School Bus Accidents

Bus accidents have happened many times before the events in Chattanooga, but the questions many parents are left asking now is why couldn’t this accident have been prevented and what can be done to rpevent future bus accidents? The answer may seem complex but the reality is there is a rather simple solution that could have been employed and should be employed moving forward among school districts. And the answer is GPS tracking for buses.

GPS technology is quite prevelant in our culture today and is currently utilized by many businesses for fleet safety applications. In fact, the reason why most businesses invest in GPS monitoring devices is becasue the real-time units can provide on the spot locational data, detailed historical records and most importantly speed alerts. The speed alert feature in particular would have literally been a life-saving tool because it would have notified school officials every moment Walker was driving too fast. Many studies show that speeding is a habitual behavior, meaning if a person speeds once they most likely speed frequenly. When Walker was driving well over 30mph in the residential zone he may have done so many, many times before without consquence and felt safe doing so even though his actions were a recipe for disaster. With the help of a GPS vehicle management system, school officials could have nipped that behavior in the bud before it eventually resulted in death.

Child safety and school bus transportation safety is something all Americans should be concerned with and if GPS monitoring systems can provide a way to improve safety then that is something that every school district should seriously consider investing in.