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GPS Goggles For Snowboarding

Snow Goggles With GPS

Oakley Debuts GPS Tracking Goggles Called Airwave 1.5

Sports and technology have been increasingly working side by side to push the limits of athletes all across the world. Whether it be training programs, sports science or something as simple as a heart rate monitor for running, technology is allowing athletes to stay in-tuned with performance. One business that has been ingrained in many of the extreme sports is a company called Oakley and they are ready to debut a new technologically advanced form of snow goggles likely to change the way people ride on mountain slopes for years to come.

Oakley Snow Goggles With GPS Tracking

The high-tech goggles developed by Oakley are called Airwave and the next generation of eyewear does much more than protect a snowboarder or skier from flurries. This is because the Airwave goggles are designed with Wi-Fi, an accelerometer, social media connections, and of course GPS tracking system, along with a number of other awesome features. This latest version of the Airwave will also provide users an additional 30% worth of battery life, allowing riders to stay on the slopes longer to carve up that white powdery goodness. However, the features that have outdoor enthusiasts most excited are the data-related systems that can gather information about elevation, speed, barometric pressure, and more. The coolest part is that all of this data is sent to the snow goggle lenses using prism technology. This allows the snowboarder or skier to see the data as they are riding! This is done using an embedded device that appears to the rider as a 14″ screen approximately 5 feet away.

“It’s incredible what these goggles can do especially the buddy feature that uses GPS tracking to locate yourself and friends so you can see on a virtual map where everyone is at”, a snowboarder in Park City, Utah who was experimenting with the glasses explained.

The goggles are revolutionizing how people enjoy the outdoors by offering snowboarders and skiers instant data on high of an elevation plane they are on, what speed they are traveling, the distance they cleared a jump and so much more all in real-time. This is because GPS tracking system data is plotting the information instantly! However, some people believe that the influx of data could lead to phenomena similar to that of distracted driving. Some hypothesize that with snowboarders and skiers being so focused on analytical data that they could miss the more obvious dangers in front of them such as an obstacle or another rider. However, the brains at Oakley have been quick to counter by saying that the technology would be similar to that of operating a motor vehicle in that the driver simply glances at their speedometer and other gauges occasionally to verify safe driving.

Only time will tell if the new real time GPS tracking system goggles developed by Oakley will be the new trend on mountains all across the world, but one thing is for certain and that is technology is certainly changing all aspects of our lives, even the recreational hobbies.

Source: Oakley Website



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