GPS Is Not For Ads

GPS Tracking & Location-Based Advertising Banned

Apple Places Regulations On iphone Advertisement

AppleGPS tracking and other location-based applications for the popular iPhone¬†allow users to find nearby restaurants, track mileage ran or driven and so much more. The Apple iphone revolutionized the smart phone market, turning the word “app” into a common household saying, but now Apple is doing something else many view as revolutionary, telling developers that GPS tracking or location-based data may not be used to promote or serve location-based advertisement.

Tracking System Direct made an attempt to contact a representative from Apple, but the company stated that any information on the GPS tracking or location-based advertisement policy would be released in a statement if they intended to shed light on the internal policy.

Currently, Apple has provided no reason or statement on why they are moving in this direction on GPS tracker related advertisement.

Advertisement sent to a person’s cellular phone based on GPS tracking information is anticipated to become the main way advertisers and publishers will generate revenue in the future. With so much money to be made through this new form of advertisement, companies such as Apple and Google have spent nearly 1 billion dollars acquiring companies who specialize in platforms for distributing advertisement to mobile communication devices.

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