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GPS Is The New SOS


How Panic Button GPS Trackers Help

GPS Trackers Provide Security & Protection

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an indispensable tool in the business world and within families.  GPS uses satellites in space to receive and transmit information to individual owners and monitors.  Those who own the GPS tracking systems can place them on something or someone that needs to be monitored, and information from that GPS tracker is sent periodically to the owner.  The owner can access the information on any web-enabled device such as a computer or cell phone.

One exciting advancement in the GPS tracker world is that of the SOS Button on trackers.  This is a small button located on the tracker itself, and, when pushed, it sends out a signal alerting the owner of the tracker that there is trouble.  Some trackers send out this signal to the owner as often as every two minutes for a set period time, sometimes as long as forty minutes.  There are several different ways in which this SOS button would come in handy.  One of the most obvious is with children or teenagers.  Sadly, as you watch the news, there are many reported cases of child abduction.  There is a way to deter predators and kidnappers.  Give your child a real time GPS tracker to carry with him at all times.  This way, whether he is walking home from school, shopping in the mall, or hanging out with friends after soccer practice if he is faced with a dangerous situation, he can press the SOS button on his tracker, and you can quickly find him and bring him home.  Also, if you have a teenage driver, this would come in handy if he or she ever has car trouble and is alone, he or she can press the button, sending out a signal alerting you of his or her exact location.  This feature on GPS trackers like the Smart Tracker will definitely minimize the amount of time that young people are left alone or in the company of dangerous strangers.

Still, another use of the SOS button is with those in the business world.  Many people in the business world, like pharmaceutical reps, travel all day visiting clients, and they are virtually on their own.  Employers can keep better tabs on their employees with a GPS tracker with an SOS feature.  GPS trackers offer employees, employers, parents, and children the power of protection and peace of mind.