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GPS Microchip For Humans

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One of the questions many concerned parents often find themselves asking is can you put a tracking chip in your child? Naturally, it makes complete sense for a parents to call upon the latest technological tools to boost child safety, but sometimes the line between science fiction and real life gets a little murky. This leaves consumers searching online to find out what is truth vs fiction, and this is particularly the case when it comes to parents researching if there are microchip tracking devices for humans that can be placed under the skin of a child. But let’s address this important topic and provide parents with the facts they should know about GPS tracking systems, and the conversation surrounding a GPS microchip for humans.


Is There a GPS Chip For Humans?

GPS Under Skin

The first thing consumers should know is that when it comes to the size of a GPS personal tracking system that the number one factor that determines size is battery-life. The reason is because although many of the components that make up a GPS tracker have become smaller and more efficient, the evolution of the modern battery has not progressed in the same fashion.  Currently, the smaller the GPS tracking device is the shorter the battery life of that tracking system. So how long does a GPS tracker battery last? The answer is on average around 20-30 hours of movement time with a micro tracking system that is about 3 inches in size. Therefore, a GPS microchip for humans placed under the skin would have one very crucial shortcoming: the ability to be powered long-term.

So is there a GPS chip for humans that can be placed under the skin that can transmit the location of a child in real time? The answer is no.

Child Safety Tips

How Do I Keep My Child Safe From Strangers?

Can you put a GPS chip in your child? The answer is no. But that does not mean there is valuable information parents should know when it comes to keeping children safe. Here are the top 5 things parents can do to keep a child safe from strangers:

  1. Teach children to say no, trusting their instincts and being firm with strangers/predators who might try and coerce a child who might be reluctant to argue with an adult.
  2. Understanding personal space, and how no adult (even family members) should breach that space unless a parent is around.
  3. Creating a list of designated safe adults, and therefore if any adult stranger asks them to come with them or get in their car who is not a “safe adult” that they should scream for help.
  4. Teach kids to never get in a car with a stranger regardless of the circumstances.
  5. Have children memorize a parent’s cell phone number so they can call Mom or Dad if they are ever lost or separated from parents.