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GPS Panic Button

GPS Enabled Panic Button

GPS monitoring devices have evolved to the point where simply tracking a person, vehicle or asset is almost one of the secondary features of tracker devices. This is because tracking systems can now provide aggressive driving reports, alert a user if a automobile leaves or enters a particular facility, send notification if a person falls and can even send out routing data and information. However, one of the features offered on some personal tracking systems is something described as a panic button, and this particular feature is helping enhance safety.

Before Tracking System Direct ships out any personal locator the company must first program the device specifically for the user. The programming requires the company to get three (3) pieces of information from the customer:

  1. An email address where alert notifications came be sent.
  2. A cellular number where text alert notifications can be sent.
  3. A contact number to be programmed as the panic button (this can be the same number as the cell phone alert if needed).

Basically, the text and email alerts are utilized to give the user instant access to when a geo-fence has been breeched or driver has exceeded a safe speed. The panic button, on the other hand, is used by the person wearing the GPS monitoring bracelet to call out for assistance. Once the user presses the panic button, the GPS monitoring bracelet will then place a phone call to the contact number programmed. This feature is ideal for seniors who may find themselves in a medical emergency, or special needs children that may have wandered off and become lost.

Senior tracking bracelets provide a two-way voice communication feature that will allow an elderly person, child or another user to communicate with family, friends or emergency personnel with a simple push of the panic button. For users who are wearing the GPS bracelet because they may be a senior with memory problems or a child with special needs, family members can always contact the GPS bracelet and begin speaking directly to the person wearing the device. This is because the GPS bracelet has the ability to act as a speakerphone, something that can be critical in an emergency situation.

People interested in real-time tracking bracelets should be aware that any device that transmits data does require a monthly service fee. Monthly service obligations for the senior GPS bracelet are $34.95 per month if the user wants the option of two-way voice communication.

GPS Tracker With SOS Calling Feature In Business

GPS vehicle tracking devices provide accurate information about a driver’s whereabouts, places the automobile stopped, and miles are driven. However, one feature that many companies have found to be very advantageous when it comes to safety is a GPS tracker with SOS calling feature. The panic SOS button feature added to some GPS vehicle trackers will alert a person/manager monitoring the GPS data if a driver is in danger. Although a panic button may not be a feature that all consumers using GPS tracking technology will find one group of drivers that are falling in love with new tracking system features are taxi cab drivers.

Delivery Drivers See Benefit Of GPS Panic Buttons

Taxicab companies, medical marijuana services, and other delivery business operations utilize GPS tracking systems to help in routing, mileage documentation, and planning. The GPS vehicle trackers allow management remotely monitoring the cabs, cannabis delivery or other option to know where that vehicle is located in real-time. Not to mention, where the business vehicle has been. However, GPS tracking devices have never been able to send emergency alerts that the driver was in danger until recently. And this is a huge improvement in safety given taxi drivers have one of the more dangerous service-based jobs, and cannabis delivery vehicles are constantly a target among thieves. The danger was never more evident than when Jose Pena-Seguira, a New York City cab driver, was fatally shot in the head. What is even more alarming is that Seguia was the 2nd cab driver killed in a week in New York City, and the 3rd cab driver killed in a span of fewer than 90 days in the area. The dangers of being robbed as a cannabis driver are even more prevalent as marijuana delivery vehicles also carry cash and product, making them a constant target among armed thieves.

After hearing about the constant robberies and killings of taxi cab drivers, Diamond Taxi decided to step up to the plate to give its employees additional protection and security. A representative for the company stated, “Safety is the number one concern for Diamond Taxi employees, and the new vehicle tracking systems provide that safety with functional security features such as a panic button”. Diamond Taxi is investing over 2 million dollars to improve their dispatch structure and intend on integrating the vehicle tracking systems very soon. “The GPS trackers with that panic button are going to work great because the second any of us are in trouble the company will be notified”, said Pierre Jette, a Diamond Taxi employee that has been beaten, robbed, and kidnapped over his 40-year career as a cab driver.

GSP Protection Services

Because of the frequency of attacks on many delivery service workers, should a law be passed that mandates all high-risk delivery drivers carry GPS tracking devices with emergency SOS panic buttons?

Should companies that do not provide panic button GPS trackers to employees be held liable if an employee is robbed, stabbed, or killed on the job?

Would bullet-proof glass be a cheaper alternative to protecting drivers than vehicle tracking systems with panic buttons since real-time GPS trackers have ongoing monthly service fees?

Source: The Gazette

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