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cellular_phoneVehicle tracking technology is all around us now. The technology is everywhere you look. If you are a traveling salesman, you probably have a GPS tracker to document mileage driven for your employer. If you are a teen driver, your parents have probably used a GPS tracker on your vehicle to hold you accountable for driving the speed limit and staying away from places you probably should not be going. And if you are a cheating spouse, GPS tracking technology may result in your indiscretions being exposed, assuming a GPS tracking system hasn’t already busted you.

With everything in our lives there are usually 2 options, the cost-effective option and the quality option. Sometimes we can get lucky and they are one in the same, but many times as a consumer we have to choose between cost and quality. Do you choose Coke-Cola or do you choose Dr. Black Fizz? Energizer lithium batteries or Battery-Hut alkaline batteries produced in Malaysia? A portable, reliable real time GPS or a GPS phone tracking application?

Some things in our lives we can cut corners with. We can choose Dr. Black Fizz over Coke-Cola because it saves us money and the taste is not too much of a step down. Maybe we can even choose the Battery-Hut batteries over the Energizer lithium if they are only going to be going into a television remote control, but what if they were going into a GPS tracking child locator or something more important? What if the application was vital and the last thing you could afford to have happen was the device failing?

Cell Phone Tracking Device

Many people ask if GPS phone tracking is the number 1 or number 2 solution when it comes down to GPS tracking effectiveness. The answer is simple, neither. GPS phone tracking is probably the least effective of the GPS tracker solutions available on the market. GPS phone tracking as a car tracker solution would probably be number 34 out of 35, right in front of Native Americans who use to track people in the 1800s.

The truth is many phones that have GPS tracking features do not even use GPS satellite technology! They simply triangulate position, location, and other information via cellular phone towers. Therefore, accuracy is hugely dependent upon being in an area with excellent cellular coverage, and even in the optimum environment, accuracy and reliability can still be compromised. Have you ever been in an area with excellent cellular coverage and still had a call dropped or call failed?

Unfortunately, many consumers hop on board with the GPS phone tracking options because of convenience.  If an employee has a company phone that would be the easiest way to track them. Same thing goes for a teenager. However, what if the employee or teen turns their phone off and says the battery died? Or they went through an area of lost coverage. There would be no way to verify or disprove the claims. The shortcomings of using a phone GPS tracking feature or application can easily be exposed and manipulated.

Best GPS Tracking Solution

The answer to the above question really depends on what type of application you have. If you live in an area with excellent cellular coverage and need accurate real-time tracking capabilities then a hardwired real-time GPS tracker is probably all that you would need. Battery life would never be an issue and you could have access to the tracking system continually. If data transmission could be an issue due to lack of cellular tower development in your area than a GPS data logger would probably be ideal. Passive tracking technology provides second-by-second tracking with no monthly fees, and all you would have to do to access the tracking system data is remove the device from the vehicle and download the data via USB port. Passive tracking technology is simple and cost-effective and is a great balance for most people’s GPS tracking needs.

Most consumers feel the best option available that gives a balance of cost and quality is a passive GPS tracking system. However, there are many GPS vehicle tracker solutions available so do the research and make sure you find the one that is right for you!