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Senior GPS Bracelet For Alzheimer Dementia

No two trackers are created equal, and nobody understands this statement more clearly than the GPS fleet tracking specialists at Tracking System Direct. However, the global distribution company for vehicle monitoring devices believes in keeping a small, exclusive line of GPS systems that combine reliability and affordability that can meet the needs of all consumers, companies and government agencies. Over the past year, Tracking System Direct has only carried one real-time GPS monitoring device. Although that real-time device, the SilverCloud GPS, has been an incredible solution in terms of performance, it did not meet all of the needs of consumers interested in personal tracking situations, such as the case with families wanting to monitor a senior who wanders frequently. Looking to address this very important personal safety issue, Tracking System Direct is very proud to announce that it will be launching a new device designed specifically for elderly tracking!

New Senior Tracking Device

One of the emerging markets for GPS monitoring devices that have really jumped in prevalence over the past few years has been elderly monitoring. With so many baby boomers entering the twilight of their lives, almost everybody knows somebody suffering from memory-related illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Whether that family member continues to live independently on their own or in a senior home, family members concerned about wandering will now have a small, compact and discrete GPS tracker device they can use to know everywhere that elderly family member goes.

“What people can expect from our new senior tracker device is all of the reliability and performance of the SilverCloud GPS tracker, but in a system designed to more easily stay connected to a person”, explained a GPS consumer tracker specialist for Tracking System Direct. “The light and portable tracker device is one of the smallest units on the market, making it ideal for monitoring senior citizens who could be wandering, or getting lost in familiar locations. Our hope is that this newest GPS monitoring device will give families the additional security and safety that will help alleviate fear.”

Tracking System Direct understands that each individual has different needs and wants from a GPS tracker device. Some people need a vehicle monitoring solution capable of networking an entire fleet of automobiles, while others simply need a car tracking solution that can document the maximum speed a teenager is driving on a daily basis. Although the GPS product line may not be as vast as many other companies that distribute tracker devices, the products are capable of meeting the needs of almost every possible monitoring application a business or consumer could imagine. Anyone with questions about the new senior tracker or any of the other GPS systems can contact a Tracking System Direct representative any day of the week. GPS fleet tracking and personal surveillance experts are always standing by to provide assistance.