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GPS Ski Gloves

GPS Tracking Enabled Ski Gloves Do It All

Ski Gloves Do More Than Keep Hands Warm

GPS tracking and navigation-enabled equipment seem to be surrounding us everywhere these days. GPS systems are in our cars, backpacks and now can be found in our ski gloves, assuming we want to pay the extra cash for gloves equipped with a GPS tracker.


The GPS tracking ski gloves essentially function very similarly to a passive tracking system known as the GPS Tracking Key. The GPS system in the ski gloves acts as a data logger, recording information about the skier such as the speeds they traveled, differing altitudes they were at while on the mountain, distance traveled, and will do so all while keeping the skier’s fingertips nice and warm.

The information recorded from the tracking device inside the ski gloves will allow the skier or snowboarder a unique way to review their mountain experience. Skiers or snowboarders interested in improving speeds or race times will have an easy way to calculate performance with GPS tracking-enabled ski gloves.

No information was provided to suggest the GPS tracking enabled ski gloves will have real-time tracking capabilities to help a snowboarder or skier if they became lost or stuck in an avalanche.

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GPS Tracker In Ski Gloves

Do you think ski gloves equipped with GPS systems will be a hot-selling item in the cold mountains?

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