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GPS System For Mom

Best Tracking Device For Mom 2022

One of the biggest challenges most families have is trying to decide what is the best gift for mom. Mothers are such treasures in all of our lives that when birthdays or other holidays come around we want to make sure we get mom something she truly enjoys. There is no going wrong with getting mom a spa day, nice dinner, or something else that will give her a little rest and relaxation, but for people looking for a unique gift for mom, the answer is a GPS tracking device. Yes, that is correct we said a GPS tracker for mom, and no product is better than the Connect OBD2 port GPS tracker. So let’s take a look at the features of the vehicle tracking device, and explain why it is the best tracking device for mom!

Family Safety GPS Features

OBD2 Tracker


  • Replay Every Location A Vehicle Traveled
  • Get Alerts If Your Mom Is Lost
  • Displays Location, Date & Time Of Every Stop
  • Fastest Updates On The Market (Every 3 Seconds)
  • Easy Plug & Play Connection

GPS Car Tracker

Car Tracking Devices For Mom

Connect GPS is the most powerful and unique no monthly fee GPS trackers ever created. With the ability to secretly track a vehicle every 3 seconds, Connect real time GPS can record driving activity for the life of the vehicle without the need for an internal lit-ion battery. The 3-second update rate will allow you to make sure mom is safe 24/7, recording every single route she takes and all the stops she made with detail and accuracy! The car tracker was designed for anyone to operate, regardless of technical background or knowledge, making it the perfect live GPS tracker for people worried about their mother and her driving habits. 

4 Reasons Why Connect GPS Is The Solution For Mom!

1. The OBD2 GPS Tracker Is The Most Reliable Vehicle Tracker On The Market Today [2022]

Widely used by law enforcement agencies across the United States, Connect GPS is long-lasting, durable, and dependable. There is no other tracking system in the world that can transmit data as fast as every 3 seconds. 

2. Connect GPS Car Tracker Is Affordable For Families

With the global economy facing a sustained recession, Connect can help moms save money! Every day businesses throw money away by not holding drivers accountable for unnecessary or unauthorized driving of company vehicles. This real time GPS will validate whether a driver is taking unnecessary routes, extended breaks, or anything that could be affecting company profits or the bottom line. This is great for moms who run small businesses such as a catering company, floral design, or food truck.

There is no better way to improve fleet management, audit employee driving activity and calculate tax-deductible mileage than through the use of vehicle tracking technology!

3. GPS Device Provides Various Ways To View Driving History

Connect live GPS allows users to view recorded driving history with Google Earth’s satellite image program, a LandAirSea street map program, or in a report that breaks down daily driving activity. Accessing the different programs is as easy as clicking a mouse! Google Earth can be downloaded at no cost from the Internet, and the other mapping programs are utilized with online, could-based software. This makes it super easy for a mom to review data!

4. OBD2 GPS Tracker Works Everywhere In The United States Where Cell Coverage Is Present 

Many car tracking systems have spotty service and SIM cards that are not reliable. Connect GPS is great because it is the most sophisticated personal GPS tracking system for fleet management and asset recovery. Since this car tracker is not dependent on anything but the GPS satellites the orbiting the Earth, the tracking system will work absolutely anywhere in the world! So if mom has a special vacation planned overseas she can take the tracker with her!


Viewing Multiple Units  Simultaneously

Every single day consumers inquire about GPS tracking devices with no monthly fees. Most of the time the questions revolve around functionality, cost, and system operation, but every once in a while our GPS tracking system experts will be asked a unique question. Here are some of the more unique questions some business professionals have regarding the use of a GPS data logger.

Question: I need to confirm that I will be able to utilize the data from the Flashback GPS from the devices on Google Earth Pro or another mapping tool.

Answer: The Flashback GPS allows the data to be viewed over a digital street mapping program, activity report, or over Google Earth. In fact, most people prefer to view the tracking data over the satellite image program Google Earth. The Past-Track software interfaces with both the standard and pro versions of Google Earth.

Question: Thanks for the information. My particular requirement is to take the data from multiple units that were all operating in the same vicinity at the same time and then “play” them simultaneously on a single map or Google Earth image. The tracks need to be animated, i.e., progress over time and distance in order to show where each was in relation to the others at each point in time. If you have any insight into how this may be accomplished, I would appreciate your advice.

Answer: From an animated standpoint, we cannot perform this operation over the digital street map feature because you are opening data from a single file. However, you can “cheat” on Google Earth, but it is not animated. When you open a KML file in Google Earth, it paints the path and stops in the “My Temporary Places“. Normally, you say no when you exit Google Earth because it asks you if you want to save the KML file in the “My Places”. Saving the tracking data upon exiting will allow the tracking data to remain when you load the next file. Here is the slightly tricky part. The path color will be the same if you do not change the path color before loading the next file. Therefore, before the next download, the user would need to change the path color in Past-Track BEFORE creating a new KML. I am certain this will work. However, the crossing paths may create a new color from blending or simply overlap.

Record Every Stop A Driver Makes

  • GPS Tracking With NO MONTHLY FEES!
  • Improve Safe Teen Driving Habits!
  • Increase Employee Productivity and Accountability!

Flashback GPS is a small pocket-sized GPS tracking system that redefines power and efficiency. Receiving signals from the Department of Defense satellites, this GPS tracking unit accurately determines vehicle location within 2.5 meters and records data every second. Flashback GPS allows anyone to discover how fast a person drove, where they traveled, where they stopped, and for how long. The included user-friendly software will display data over an animated street map, Google Earth, or in a daily driving text report.

Designed to meet the extended monitoring needs of businesses and law enforcement agencies, the Flashback GPS can record approximately 100 hours of data on only a single charge! The GPS data logger also provides additional power options, allowing users to connect the device via cigarette lighter adapter or permanent hardwire. No vehicle-monitoring device on the market even comes close to the power efficiency of the Flashback GPS.

The compact rugged design of the car tracker with no monthly fees is perfect for those in need of a covert and durable monitoring solution. Place the Flashback GPS in the center console, glove box, under the front/passenger seat, or underneath the car via magnetic mount to capture driving data every second!

With a powerful exterior magnet mount providing instant mounting options, the Flashback GPS will covertly document driving activity with accuracy and precision.

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