GPS System Users Should Be Cautious

GPS Caution

GPS Tracking Precautions

Do Not Leave Personal Info In Navigation Or Tracking System

GPS-CautionTen years ago the phrases “GPS tracking” and “Navigational GPS system” had little meaning and sounded too high-tech for the average consumer, but now they are as common as battery and screwdriver. A navigational GPS system can now be found at almost any electronics retailer, and GPS tracking systems can be found online through reputable companies such as Tracking System Direct. However, with this new age technology can come trouble if consumers do not take the proper steps to protect themselves.

One of the main mistakes that many consumers make who have purchased a navigational GPS system or vehicle GPS tracking device is they import their personal information into the GPS systems. Law enforcement and police departments across the United States highly recommend people avoid entering information such as their home address or freind’s and families’ addresses into a any GPS system. Law enforcement agencies have documented many cases where a vehicle will be stolen and the carjackers will take information programmed in the GPS system that will lead them to the vehicle owner’s home. The carjackers will then proceed to enter the victim’s home and steal their personal belongings.

Additional tips law enforcement suggest that GPS tracking and navigational users can do to protect themselves is enter people’s real names into their GPS system and not pet names or anything that would establish a relationship (e.g. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Mom, Dad). They also suggest never giving out personal information via text message, for a criminal could easily pull up personal info from a GPS system then contact them via text message by saying something such as :

“When will you be home?”

After the criminal gets a response back they can discover if a home will be occupied or not and for how long.

Be safe, be smart and be responsible when programing information into any car tracking or navigation GPS system for you never know who may be accessing it!