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Tracking System Technology Will Make Dad Drool

tracking-key-near-quarterMost fathers and dads usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to holiday gifts. Dads are pretty familiar with receiving the same old socks, work shirts or tools from their family members. Although these may seem like decent gift ideas, the last thing most dads want are more tools to fix stuff around the house, or dress clothes to remind them of the pending work week only 24 hours away. So what is a good gift choice for dad? Well if your father is some what tech-oriented than an affordable gift that will surely impress him would be a passive GPS tracking system such as the GPS Tracking Key!

GPS Tracking Key: Why Dad Would Want One

GPS monitoring and tracking technology has really taken storm over the past decade as more and more consumer applications have increased in popularity. Today, people are using vehicle tracking units or devices from everything from car security, auto-theft prevention, teen tracking, mileage documentation and more. Therefore, dads can use GPS car tracking and truck GPS tracker technology for anything from recording a family trip, protecting his valuable assets and more.

What Does The Tracking Key Do?

One of the most affordable and sophisticated data logging devices on the market, the Tracking Key will record and store all information related to driving activity. Data includes things such as addresses the person arrived and departed from, speeds traveled, routes traveled, mileage driven and much, much more. Dad can easily place the mini tracker on the frame of any automobile with the assistance of the exterior magnetic mount that is engineered onto every device, making it easy to gather location-based data covertly.

Costing less than $199.00, the Tracking Key is a great device and even better gift. Anyone struggling for gift ideas for dad need to look no further than this cool little mini car tracker!