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teen-trackingEvery parent is used to saying, “Drive safe, and call me when you get there”, to their teenage driver almost every time the teen grabs the car keys and heads for the door. Parents constantly say these little reminders to beat into their teenager’s thick skulls that driving is serious business that can have a life-altering impact if not taken serious. Listening to new pop songs on an iPod, texting the latest gossip about where the party is or chatting on the phone with a friend are all things many teens engage in while operating a motor vehicle that can increase the odds of being involved in a traffic collision. However, one of the most prevalent things that many teens engage in that most significantly increases any teens chance of being involved in a car accident is speeding. The only problem has been that many parents do not know their teens are speeding unless they are issued a traffic citation or are involved in an accident. Having the inability to monitor the driving habits of teens has been a major concern for every parent with a teen driver until now.

GPS Vehicle Trackers: Providing The Truth About Teen Driving

The cool thing about GPS tracking devices is that they offer unbiased and concrete information about driving activity, data that parents can use to gauge whether their teen is a safe driver or bad driver. The data parents can pull from GPS tracker systems will report the maximum speed a teen drove every single day, addresses and places a teen visited and hung out at and more. Therefore, not only do GPS teen trackers reveal whether a teenager is habitually speeding, but the GPS units will also show if a teen is frequenting places that they should not be going.

Why Parents Should Care About Speeding

Parents must take the topic of safe teen driving very seriously because not only can bad driving habits be financially punishing, but things like speeding can result in death. According to the statistics surrounding teen drivers, nearly 6,000 teens are killed every single year from speeding, the number one cause of early or premature death among people in that age range. With nearly 15% of all fatal car accidents involving a teenager, parents cannot take a chance on letting their teen grab the keys every single day without some form of monitoring or observation of driving habits. This is why even the most simple and user-friendly car tracking devices with no fees on the market such as the GPS Tracking Key continue to be popular tools among parents with teenage drivers.

Higher insurance rates and the expense of paying off traffic citations can also be financially stressful for parents who cover many of the costs associated with poor teen driver habits.

Information regarding teen tracking systems is available and accessible through Tracking System Direct for parents looking to conduct their own research on the benefits of real time GPS or GPS data logger technology.

Source: Facts About Teen Driving


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