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GPS Tracker Quiets Police Officer

policeI was recently driving down the street I live on, coming back home from lunch, when I noticed a man on a motorcycle parked at the bottom of my drive way. Since I was in a residential zone the speed limit was 25 mile per hour, but curious to see who this person was at the bottom of my driveway I sped up to 30 miles per hour. As I approached closer I began to notice that this was no ordinary street bike, and that he was no ordinary motorist. The man was a police officer, hiding near my house so he could clock people driving in the area with his radar gun and issue them speeding violations if they were exceeding the 25 miles per hour speed limit. As I approached the officer who was blocking my entry into my own driveway he flipped on his lights to pull me over. The dialogue exchange went as follows:

Myself: So what seems to be the problem today officer?

Police Officer: I clocked you speeding over the limit. I was called to this area because some neighbors called about motorists speeding excessively.

Myself: Yeah I do see people drive fast in this area, but I was not driving that fast. 28, 29, or 30 tops.

Police Officer: Well the gun had you driving at 39 miles per hour, or 14 miles over the limit.

Myself: (Laughing) That is impossible. I know for a fact I was not driving that fast. First of all, why would I be speeding up to get to my house? If you did clock me going that fast I had to have been a mile away and the radar gun does not accurately pick up speeds that far away, if at all. Second, I have a GPS tracking system in my car that sends my iphone a text message if I am going 10 miles over the speed limit.

Police Officer: Tracking system huh? Well let me see what your GPS tracker recorded you driving.

Myself: Well officer I would but the vehicle tracking unit is hard-wired to my car, but I can assure you that the tracking system records every second, and if I were speeding at the velocity your radar gun recorded me driving the GPS tracker would have alerted me. I have never seen the GPS system fail.

Police Officer: So you are calling me a liar!?

Myself: No, no, no officer, I think the gun clocked me at the speed you said, but I am suggesting that the equipment can sometimes give false positives, and logically it would make no sense for me to be speeding up when I am right next to my house.

Police Officer: Well maybe you will receive the speed alert later. I do not think that it would record and report that fast.

Myself: Actually, the GPS vehicle tracker transmits every 10 seconds, therefore, I would have already received the alert. Since I never received an alert, I have to believe the GPS tracker, and that I was not going the speed you are stating.

Police Officer: Well we do use GPS trackers for law enforcement purposes so I know how accurate they can be, but I have never had an issue with my radar gun in the past. Since you are already home, I suppose I will let you off with a warning, but you better watch your speed because if I clock you going that fast again I promise you will I write up a citation for a traffic infraction.

Myself: I appreciate the break officer. Take it easy!

Reviewing The Tracking System Info

When I walked into my house the very first thing I did was go to my computer and pull up the GPS tracking data from the day. When I reviewed what the tracking system recorded I found that the speed I was actually traveling when the officer clocked me was 31 miles per hour. Therefore, my assessment of the speed I was driving was off, but so was the radar gun.