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There are a variety of reasons why people choose to invest in GPS car tracking systems. Those reasons can include anything from making certain a teen is driving safely, employees are not engaging in illegal side work or drivers are making optimum route choices. Regardless of the reason why people choose to utilize car monitoring and vehicle management devices, the one thing all GPS users can agree on is that monthly service fees suck. The only problem is that when most people think of GPS monitoring they automatically think of live tracking technology where the location of target vehicles can be accessed at any point in time via personal computer. Don’t get me wrong, live car tracking systems are awesome, but they do require monthly service obligations and sometimes activation fees that can be costly. Thankfully, there is a passive GPS tracker (GPS data logger) that can offer accurate and affordable GPS data without expensive fees.

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Best GPS Receiver With No Subscription Fees

GPS trackers that are classified as “real-time trackers” are built with GPS boards/receivers, antennas, and cellular data modules. The receiver portion of the GPS tracker will capture data transmitted from global positioning satellites orbiting around the Earth. The satellites work with the GPS receiver to determine speed, location, altitude and a variety of other location-based data. The GPS receiver then utilizes the cellular data module to transmit the data over wireless networks where the data then goes through a process where it can be accessed and viewed via a computer and sometimes smartphone. Unfortunately, the good people who own and operate cellular communication networks and towers (Rogers Network, AT&T and so on) do not let people transmit data over their communication portals without a cost. This is why real-time monitoring can sometimes be really expensive. The PlayBack GPS provides the solution to the problem.

Passive systems, like the PlayBack GPS, are engineered almost exactly, in the same way, live tracking systems are designed but with one major difference. The difference is that passive systems are not equipped with a cellular data module or SIM card because they do not transmit data. This results in no monthly fees, stronger battery life and more consistent data (second-by-second). However, since data is not transmitted via the wireless network the data must be downloaded manually from the GPS receiver to the computer. Although at first glance the process may seem troublesome, the truth is that most people have continuous access to the cars they wish to monitor with a GPS tracker. Therefore, it is not necessary to have remote access to the data.

PlayBack GPS comes with a download cable that makes the data transfer process simple, only taking a few seconds to move data saved to internal memory on the GPS receiver to viewable over a mapping program.

Live tracking systems are great tools, and many people require real-time information for their monitoring needs. However, after most people gather all the facts they soon realize that passive GPS receivers such as PlayBack GPS can meet, if not exceed, their GPS car tracking needs.