Tracking Drivers Using GPS Technology

silvercloud-02Businesses that employ drivers to deliver goods or services understand the importance of monitoring both staff efficiency and vehicle activity. This is a universal truth regardless if that company is a multi-million dollar enterprise with stock investors or the local business in rural America. Meticulous oversight capabilities are critical in business success when a company has drivers because drivers can result in potential liabilities whether it be excess fuel consumption, bad driving habits, missed appointments and more. This is the reason why businesses with even the smallest of fleet tracking needs have been using GPS tracking system devices to help in vehicle management and it’s also the reason why pizza places are now routinely calling upon GPS tracking hardware to improve efficiency.

Pizza Delivery Businesses

There are two separate benefits real-time GPS trackers offer pizza delivery businesses and that includes a way to monitor pizza bags in case they are lost or stolen and of course the ability to gain total oversight over vehicle tracking activity. The first benefit may not seem like much but in the pizza delivery businesses the bags used to keep pizzas warm and moist during delivery are frequently lost. The phenomenon is similar to that of the disappearing left sock in the dryer that everyone has experienced except those pizza delivery bags can be quite pricey and actually impact business costs. “We constantly dealt with bags going missing and it was a very frustrating experience, but as soon as we placed the portable GPS tracker with the bag we never had to worry about them going missing”, explained a manager for a New York based pizzeria.

Having the ability to know where pizza delivery bags are is a nice little feature and is helpful in loss prevention, but the primary reason for investment in live GPS trackers among pizza delivery businesses is vehicle management. When a pizza delivery driver has their vehicle equipped with a GPS tracking system management has the ability to perform a number of different oversight techniques. These techniques include:

1. Mileage Summation
2. Real-Time GPS Location Updates
3. Documented Speed Violations Via Alert
4. Shared GPS Data With Customers
5. Vehicle Theft Security

GPS tracking systems will allow managers at any pizzeria determine how many tax deductible miles were logged, see where a pizza delivery driver is located anytime throughout the day, instantly know if a driver is speeding, provide a automotive theft recovery solution and boost customer service by allowing those who ordered pizza to view their order from the oven to the house!

GPS tracking systems are changing the way companies perform oversight of their vehicles and drivers regardless of the industry they are involved with. Pizza delivery businesses are seeing the benefits of GPS car tracking firsthand making it only a matter of time before all delivery service vehicles are equipped with some form of monitoring technology.