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Discounts & Promotions Available To Those Who “Like” Facebook Page

facebook_logoSocial networking is now the preferred way people connect and communicate with family members, work colleagues and friends. Chat rooms and instant messaging have taken a back seat to popular social networking websites such as Facebook that now generate more traffic than search engines such as Google. This is because social media allows people to share photos, stories and more with people all across the world with a simple click of a mouse. People don’t just use social networking to inform friends and family members about personal news and events, but they also use the online platform to highlight musical acts, products and businesses with good reputations. Tracking System Direct has always taken every step and measure to improve the customer experience by doing everything from offering cost-effective GPS tracking systems to making certain GPS experts are ready to listen and help customers with questions every single day of the week. In an effort to stay better connected with our loyal customer base, Tracking System Direct will now be offering special discounts and promotions to those who become fans of the public corporate Tracking System Direct page by “liking” it!

“Everyday people go to Facebook via smart phones and/or personal computers to see what their friends are doing”, explained a person working in the Tracking System Direct marketing department. “One of our goals has always been to provide our customers with the best surveillance and vehicle tracking technology that is available, but our primary goal has been to cater to our customers’ and potential customer’s needs in every way, shape and form from pre-sales to post-sales. We here at Tracking System Direct want more than anything for our customers to tell their friends about our company and the experience they had with us, and that is why we will begin offering special offers and promotions for those who “like” our company Facebook page.”

What You Can Expect From Tracking System Direct

Tracking System Direct plans on offering those who “like” the company page with an assortment of special promotions and discounts on GPS trackers and other security products, ranging from daily coupon codes to reduce product cost to offers of free expedited shipping methods. Tracking System Direct will make status updates on a daily or weekly basis with the intention to keep customers in the loop about limited time offers and special discounts.

Tracking System Direct has no desire to send out SPAM or bother our customers in any way, and will not share customer information with any affiliates or outside companies.

Anyone wanting to learn more about the various promotions and special offers from Tracking System Direct can contact one of our fleet management experts anytime to gather more infomation.

We look forward to hearing from you!