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Drive Your Business Forward: Exploring the Benefits of GPS Trackers For Businesses

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car


  • Are My Employees Doing Side Work?
  • How Fast Are My Employees Driving?
  • Are Time Sheets Being Falsified?
  • Are My Employees Taking Excessive Breaks?
  • Is There An Easier Way To Document Business Mileage?
  • Is Fuel Being Wasted/ Over Used?


GPS Trackers

GPS Tracking For Business

No matter what type of business you are in, vehicle tracking technology can provide you with an easy way to increase company profit and improve employee productivity. Poor route management, unauthorized usage of company vehicle(s), and employee moonlighting are only a few of the factors that can affect the bottom line of business. Accountability means everything in the business world, and no company can manage something it cannot measure. GPS trackers for businesses provide companies the opportunity and tools necessary to measure and account for any company vehicle or employee in the field. Even if your business has only one company vehicle, a GPS tracking system can help boost overall operations and management. 

GPS tracker system technology can answer all of these questions and show you in detail all the unknown driving habits of your employees. Having the ability to locate employees driving in the field, improve routing operations, and easily document mileage gives businesses an edge over the competition.

Best GPS Tracking Devices For Businesses

GPS tracking is now one of the fastest-growing markets in the technology sector as businesses across the globe have been seeking to improve accountability, productivity, and efficiency. Fortune 500 companies such as Budweiser utilize GPS data loggers to record the travel history of employees, and businesses with small or large fleets of vehicles improve routing and management with real-time tracking systems such as the SpaceHawk. Regardless of your budget, a GPS monitoring system is available to meet your business needs, and help you track your automotive assets!

GPS tracking also helps businesses save money as many car insurance companies offer special reduced rates for companies utilizing vehicle tracking technology since the safe recovery of a vehicle equipped with a GPS tracking system is 99.99%.

Invest in GPS tracker for business and vehicle management technology to watch productivity and profit grow!


  • GPS Fleet Tracking: GPS trackers improve routing, planning, and communication between vehicle operators and supervisors by adopting a vehicle tracking system plan!
  • Track Company Vehicles: Increase sales visits, easily document mileage driven, and improve overall customer satisfaction with an active tracking system!
  • Fuel Reduction: GPS tracking can eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage, excessive idling, and other wasteful habits by drivers with real-time tracking technology!
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking: Document every stop an employee made, how long they were stopped for, speeds driven, routes traveled, and more with a passive tracking system!

The latest GPS tracking devices for businesses allow a company to GPS track every mobile asset with precision and in detail. For example, when a business equips a tracking device onto each company automobile they have the unique ability to locate that automobile at any time, accurately log mileage, receive alerts if the automobile is stolen, determine if an employee is speeding, and so much more! This business GPS tracking data can be viewed in real-time as the automobile is moving or reviewed at a later time so management can go over historical driving activity. Below are some of the benefits of both real-time GPS car tracking for businesses and historical GPS tracking for businesses!

GPS Tracking Systems For Small Business

Technology is being utilized daily to improve workplace efficiency. That is why offices are filled with computers, the high-speed Internet provides instant online access, and chat, email, and cellular communications are helping employees stay connected. Although these forms of technology are commonplace in the office, what many people do not know is that satellite technology is also helping businesses enhance workforce production while boosting automotive fleet management.

Any business that equips its vehicle fleet with GPS monitoring devices instantly improves driver safety, automotive security, and mobile asset management. This is because GPS auto-tracking solutions are data-producing machines that can store locational data with simplicity, while also alerting fleet managers about automobile activity. For example, any business that has problem drivers, whether those vehicle operators are taking advantage of company time, driving too aggressively, or letting their work automobile idle too long, can be weeded out through the use of tracking systems. With GPS monitoring devices that can connect directly to the onboard diagnostics port of any car or truck, accessing harsh braking, speeding, or vehicle idling is simple. Therefore, finding problem drivers is simple, and that means businesses can reduce employee liability through simple and precise observation of employee vehicle management.

Another huge concern for companies is asset protection. Safeguarding company work trucks and other automobiles are essential, especially for those vehicles such as tractors, backhoes, skip loaders, and other equipment that if stolen can delay a job from completing on time. Not to mention, result in employees being unable to work. Real-time GPS trackers eliminate the concern over theft because the devices can transmit an alert to a person’s cellular phone or email account the second a vehicle is moved. Even if a fast-acting criminal can steal a working automobile and move the vehicle, the criminal won’t be able to get far because the real-time GPS will constantly be transmitting positional information. This information can easily be relayed to local law enforcement who can apprehend the thief and return the stolen property.

The primary reason why businesses go into operation is profit, and tracker systems can help maximize company profit by saving businesses money. Here are five (5) common ways that businesses waste money:

  1. Unnecessary or Excessive Fuel Usage
  2. Poor Route Selection
  3. Extended Vehicle Idling
  4. Employee Abuse Of Company Time
  5. Loss From Theft

The bad news is that any company that has one of the above-mentioned problems is draining profit. However, the good news is that through the expanded use of tracking systems that use sophisticated GPS satellite technology, businesses can correct all of the above situations. Not to mention getting additional insight into driver activity that can be crucial in determining how efficient employees are when operating company equipment.

Privacy Concerns For Business Owners

Surveillance-based equipment always has a stigma associated with it that invades the privacy of the worker. Although this question is important, it is also important to look at the use of GPS tracker systems from all angles. For example, is it an invasion of privacy for employers to monitor company computers to ensure information is not being leaked or employees aren’t spending half their day with social media? Of course not, and this is a practice that the majority of offices have in place, and employees understand.

Another example could be the use of hidden cameras or video monitoring equipment. These devices, which can be found in almost every single retail store, document activity 24/7. Would a bank employee say that video monitoring is an invasion of their privacy even though the cameras are recording their every move throughout the workday? How is the use of a GPS tracker for business vehicles any different from monitoring an employee on company time? It is not any different, and employees should understand that the clock is on the clock. GPS vehicle trackers, like video monitoring systems, are there to enhance both security and productivity.

GPS trackers for businesses bring oversight and safety, two things that result in more efficient staff and higher profits. No matter what the size of the business is, with the help of GPS monitoring any company trim waste, escalate security, and bank more profit.

Live GPS fleet tracking is probably the most common form of vehicle surveillance people are familiar with. Real-time GPS car tracking for businesses allows any company the ability to:

  1. Quickly Locate A Stolen Company Car
  2. Be Alerted If A Employee Is Speeding
  3. Enhance Routing & Overall Vehicle Fleet Management

business GPS tracking

GPS Data Logger Tracker For Business

Passive GPS technology was engineered to have a global footprint, record travel activity second-by-second, and not be dependent upon cellular networks. GPS data loggers DO NOT provide live GPS tracking for businesses but they do offer car tracking with no monthly fees! This can be very advantageous for small companies that might only have a handful or even a single driver or work truck. This means locally-owned delivery service companies can benefit from the use of the business GPS trackers! Flower shops, HVAC repairmen, plumbing contractors, limousine companies, and small to medium-sized businesses of any kind can make sure employees are going where they say they are going with pinpoint accuracy!

Top 5 Business GPS Tracker Applications

Every business has one common goal and that is to increase profit and generate revenue. Profit can grow from external sales, marketing, or cutting down on internal wasteful spending. With the business conditions placing the entire globe in an inter-connected hot seat, businesses everywhere are creating strategies and programs to clean up unnecessary internal expenses, and that is why more companies are turning to GPS trackers for business fleet management now more than ever before. GPS tracking systems can assist companies in a variety of ways that many people may not have ever considered, and here is the list of the top 5 reasons why businesses adopt vehicle tracking programs.

1. Accountability

How many drivers, outside sales representatives, or delivery people does the average business have, and how many of those people are fulfilling their job duties when working outside in the field? With GPS tracking technology, executives, managers, and supervisors never have to wonder or assume who is working and who is moonlighting while on the clock. GPS tracking systems can provide management with historical driving records of every employee and accompanying mobile assets, allowing companies an easy way to evaluate for accountability.

2. Vehicle Maintenance

Being proactive by routinely keeping up with vehicle maintenance is an important part of keeping a fleet of vehicles healthy and operational. Vehicle tracking systems document specific driving-related information such as mileage driven and more, providing businesses an easy way to access when it is time for a vehicle to be brought into the shop for maintenance.

3. Regulate Safety

When an employee is driving the company vehicle out in the field to complete work-related activities they essentially have nobody regulating their private driving habits. Therefore, management has no way to analyze or review potentially unsafe driving habits such as speeding. With speed being the number one cause of car accidents, knowing if an employee is speeding or driving carelessly gives a company a huge competitive edge to help reinforce positive driving habits or place consequences upon negative habits.

GPS trackers for business applications can provide a business with every speed an employee drove throughout the day, and that GPS tracking information can be easily accessed in a daily activity driving report. For those companies who prefer to have instant access to speeding violations, many real-time tracking systems have speed alert features that will send a business manager or supervisor an email or text message if an employee drives the company vehicle faster than the pre-set speed limit.

4. Theft-Recovery Solution

Grand theft auto is a real problem for many communities and businesses, making asset protection extremely important. Having a company vehicle covered by full-coverage insurance will only do so much, and it is not a full-proof security measure for asset protection. Real-time vehicle tracking systems provide companies with a solution to theft recovery and prevention. When a real-time vehicle tracking device is connected to a company vehicle 24/7 monitoring is available, making it nearly impossible for criminals to steal any company mobile asset.

5. Total Vehicle Management Of Company Cars

When a business has numerous vehicles operating in the field, the management of personnel and mobile assets can be difficult. However, when a tracking system is outfitted onto every vehicle in fleet management couldn’t be easier. Regardless of whether a company has 1, 100, or 1000 employees operating outside of the office GPS tracking can provide the solution to fleet management. With business GPS tracking devices, supervisors can view every vehicle in the field on one personal computer with an Internet connection, viewing speeds driven, stops made, time en route, and more.

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