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With the decriminalization of cannabis in many states such as California and Colorado, the cannabis industry has seen a huge rise in the demand for both recreational and medicinal marijuana. These changes in state laws and the general population’s acceptance of cannabis as a valuable pharmacology tool has lead to what many people have coined the “Green Rush”. Although the pros and cons of cannabis use are constantly debated, what is not debatable is that the plant has resulted in tens of billions of dollars for these states in additional revenue. That should be great news to the businesses and the states in which those companies operate. Unfortunately, with the federal laws not being in line with these state laws the end product has been gray areas, loopholes, and legal inconsistencies. This lack of cohesion between the federal and state laws has forced many growers, dispensaries and marijuana delivery services to take security measures into their own hands, and the tool they are calling upon is GPS tracking.

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Cannabis Delivery GPS

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Tracking vehicles with GPS has been a common practice among a variety of businesses that have automotive assets. Pizza delivery persons, limousines, and trucking companies are only a few of the types of industries that routinely use GPS auto tracking to manage vehicle activity and prevent those company assets from theft or misuse. The process of GPS vehicle monitoring is rather simple:

  • Live GPS is placed upon a car
  • The GPS reports real-time vehicle information
  • Vehicle information that includes location, speed and more are instantly uploaded online
  • Managers can view vehicle activity 24/7 from phone or computer

Having instant access to the location of a vehicle, historical driving records speeds driven and more is valuable data that can help a business improve routing, auto security, employee efficiency, and many other areas of business related to vehicle activity. For those delivering cannabis, this form of data is especially important because sometimes these delivery vehicles are targeted by thieves.

Drivers Delivering Cannabis

As mentioned earlier, state and federal laws regarding cannabis use at this time are not in line with each other (Cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 felony drug by federal law). This creates serious headaches for many involved in growing, producing, selling, and delivering cannabis. One of those issues is banking restrictions because many banks can’t accept deposits of cash where the money was generated from selling cannabis. That means many of these businesses are forced to have more cash on hand than they would prefer. The end result is an increased risk of theft, but companies transporting cannabis are fighting back by tracking vehicles with GPS. When cannabis delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring systems it allows the businesses to track all of its cars out delivering marijuana to clients or patients. Instant access to delivery vehicles gives these businesses the ability to see if drivers are making deliveries on time, choosing the best routes, and most importantly haven’t had their vans or trucks stolen. “Having a tracker device on each delivery van has improved our delivery times, enhanced the client experience and totally makes our drivers feel a little safer when they are out on drop-offs”, explained a cannabis grower in Humboldt County in Northern California. “Real-time updates on where our guys are at is awesome, and some of the portable tracker systems even have panic buttons so our delivery guys can push a button if they are in need of help.”

With nearly 60% of the population in the United States on board with the legalization of cannabis and the broader cultural acceptance of the plant, it seems like not if but when cannabis will be legal in all 50 states. When progressive views of cannabis finally shift Washington political talking heads the cannabis industry will only continue to grow in all states. That will mean billions of dollars more for states and hopefully a time when the only reason a GPS auto tracker system will be on a delivery vehicle will be for fleet management purposes.