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GPS Tracking Device For Rocky Mountain Goats

Oregon Biologists Use GPS To Monitor Goats

Cow cattle ear tags and mini GPS collars for tracking livestock have helped improve livestock farming in rural areas throughout the world. That same GPS animal tracking and monitoring tech that has been instrumental in observing livestock was recently utilized by Oregon biologists involved in a project that used GPS trackers for goats located in the Elkhorn Mountains. These Oregon wildlife biologists placed animal tracking GPS locator devices on 3 goats living in the Elkhorn Mountains, hoping the realtime tracking technology would provide information on the species living in the Oregon Rocky Mountains.

What the goat GPS tracker devices did was allow researchers to monitor and record the daily movements of the goats through real time tracking. Each GPS device could be programmed with a geo fence to alert the biology team if goats left a particular area (common pastures), as well as provide detailed GPS data on their interactions with the natural environment.

It is estimated that the wild goat herds in Oregon range between 600-700, and over one-third of those goats reside in the Elkhorn region.

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Goat Tracker Facts

Although this was the first time local scientists and biologists have used animal monitoring technology to monitor goats in the region, GPS tracking of livestock and wildlife is nothing new to researchers. Now, it is very common for researchers working on scientific projects in the field to collar animals with GPS devices to remotely observe the places an animal will roam, inhabit and mate. In fact, sheep, cow, cattle, and other animals have all been involved in projects that focus on monitoring livestock.

GPS tracking systems equipped to goats transmitted each animal’s location every 5 hours in real-time. The data from each mini GPS tracker was accessible using cloud platform software, giving researchers instant live and historical information on each goat moving in the Elkhorn Mountains.

The estimated cost for each tracking system was approximately $6000 per GPS device.

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