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GPS Tracker For Long Distance

Best GPS Tracker For Long Distance & International Travel

As you embark on exciting adventures abroad, navigating unfamiliar territories and ensuring the safety of your belongings are crucial aspects of your journey. A GPS tracker that works internationally can be your perfect companion in this regard, providing a seamless travel experience. In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of real-time GPS tracking when traveling abroad, and we’ll reveal our top pick for the best personal GPS tracker for long distance!

Real Time GPS Tracker Works In 200+ Countries!

GPS Tracker Long Distance

  • Track A Vehicle In Nearly Any Country
  • Keep Your Personal Items Safe From Theft
  • Increase Personal Safety While Traveling Abroad

Already recognized as one of the top-performing car tracking units on the GPS market, the Tracki GPStracking system has blown the competition away once again now that the tracker can operate in over 200 countries across the globe. This is the reason the personal GPS tracking device is ideal for international travel. On nearly a daily basis, the list of locations the live GPS tracker will work continues to grow. Initially viewed as a domestic GPS monitoring solution for consumers and businesses located in the United States, the engineers behind the device decided to make the unit more accessible to international clients after the boom in demand for live tracking devices. Today, people in Thailand, Canada, Bosnia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Vietnam, Mexico, and other regions all across the planet are now able to take advantage of the tracker voted “Top Performing Live Tracking System” by GPS Tracking Review.

GPS Tracker For Long Distance Comparison Chat:

Best For International Coverage


Best GPS Tracker Long Distance


  • Alerts: SOS, Speed, Fence Crossing

  • $9.95 Monthly Subscription

  • 1-Month Battery life (In Battery Save Mode)

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Best Overall Mini GPS


Best Mini GPS Tracker In USA


  • Built-in Magnet Mount

  • Free Technical Support

  • Geofence, Speed, InstaFence, and Battery Alerts

  • D: 2.275" H: 0.945"

Most Popular

SpyTec GL300

Best Pocket-Sized GPS


  • Dimensions: 3.15" x 1.15" x 1.64"

  • Monthly Tracking: $29.95/month

  • Lifetime Warranty On Real Time GPS Tracker

  • Average Battery Life Is 9 Days

Benefits of Real-Time GPS Tracking When Traveling Abroad

Sharing Exact Location During Emergencies

Sharing Exact Location During Emergencies

Traveling abroad has become increasingly popular among Americans, with a record 44.8 million U.S. citizens venturing overseas in 2019 alone. As you embark on your international journey, ensuring your safety and security becomes paramount. A GPS tracker for your vehicle or personal use can be a lifesaver in emergencies, allowing you to share your exact location with loved ones or local authorities. This not only ensures your safety but also provides invaluable peace of mind to those who care about you. Let us explain in a real-world scenario.

  • Emergency Lifesaver: In emergencies, the ability to share your exact location is not just convenient, it can be life-saving. Whether you find yourself lost, in danger, or in a medical emergency, a GPS tracker is your lifeline.
  • Real-Time Location Sharing: This technology allows you to send your precise location to loved ones or local authorities in real-time. This is important in letting them know where you are so they can find you, fast.
  • Real-World Scenario Value: Imagine you’re driving through the scenic but remote roads of a foreign country and your vehicle breaks down. With no one in sight and perhaps a language barrier, your GPS tracker becomes your voice. It guides rescuers or local help directly to you, eliminating the guesswork and potential delays in getting assistance.

For instance, in 2017, a tourist named Sarah Wilson was trekking in the remote wilderness of New Zealand when she got lost. With the help of a personal GPS tracker with global coverage, she was able to send her coordinates to local authorities, who quickly came to her rescue. This incident highlights the importance of having a mini GPS tracker with an SOS button that sends out realtime alerts to predetermined contacts, making it even easier to get help when needed.

Location Sharing – Keeping Friends And Family Informed About Your Whereabouts

Location Sharing

As you traverse through the vibrant streets of Barcelona or bask in the mesmerizing beauty of the Amalfi Coast, a car GPS tracker becomes an excellent way to keep your loved ones informed about your whereabouts. How? With you sharing your real time location with them 24/7. This GPS data can be accessed from a mobile phone or computer anytime. In fact, you can even program the GPS locator to alert loved ones every time you travel to a new city! This allows them to follow your journey and ensure you’re safe and sound wherever your travels take you! Now, let’s look at additional benefits of sharing your location while traveling.

  • Constant Connectivity: Imagine sharing your real-time location with your loved ones 24/7. They can see where you are at any moment, providing an unmatched peace of mind.
  • Easy Access: This GPS data isn’t hidden away in some complex system. It’s right there on their mobile phones or computers, accessible anytime, anywhere. They won’t have to wonder where you are or if you’re safe.
  • Automated Alerts: You can program your GPS locator to automatically notify your loved ones each time you arrive in a new city. This feature adds an exciting element for them as they virtually follow your journey, step by step.
  • Safety and Security: Your family and friends can ensure you’re safe and sound, no matter where your travels take you. In the unlikely event of an emergency, they know exactly where to find you.

Remember, using a GPS tracker when traveling long distances isn’t just about technology; it’s about connecting with your loved ones in a meaningful way. It’s about giving them a window into your world as you explore new horizons. So, as you wander through new landscapes and cities, let the GPS tracker be your silent guardian, invisibly weaving the bond of safety and connection with those you hold dear.

Lost Luggage Recovery – Protect Your Belongings When Traveling Internationally

GPS Tracker For Luggage

Lost luggage is an all-too-common problem for international travelers. In fact, it is estimated that millions of travel bags were reported missing globally in 2019. A mini GPS tracker, like the Invoxias Cellular GPS Tracker, can help you locate and recover lost bags with ease. Simply place the tracker inside your luggage, and you’ll be able to track its location in realtime, ensuring your belongings are never too far from reach. Oh, and if you are traveling domestically, an Apple AirTag will probably get the job done!

  • Real-Time Location Tracking: Just slip this compact device into your luggage, and voila! You have real-time tracking at your fingertips. Whether your bag ends up in Berlin or Buenos Aires, you’ll know exactly where it is.
  • Peace of Mind: The true value lies in the peace of mind it offers. No more anxiety over misplaced bags. Your belongings are always within virtual reach, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying your journey.
  • Quick Recovery: In the unfortunate event that your luggage does stray, recovery becomes a breeze. You’re not dependent on airline updates; you’re in control, able to pinpoint your bag’s location and retrieve it swiftly.
  • Versatile for All Travel: And hey, if your adventures are closer to home, domestically speaking, an Apple AirTag might be all you need. It offers similar tracking capabilities, perfect for keeping tabs on your belongings during shorter trips.

A GPS tracker for long-distance travel allows you to never have to worry about misplaced or lost luggage when traveling abroad! It’s not just about tracking; it’s about reclaiming control over your travel experience, ensuring your focus remains on the joys of exploration, not the worries of what-ifs.

Geo-Fencing Alerts -Setting Virtual Boundaries For Added Safety Abroad

While the lure of foreign lands is undeniably enticing, it’s important to stay vigilant, as dangers can lurk around every corner. In 2019, more than 1,300 U.S. citizens required consular assistance due to crimes abroad. Scary right? But the good news is you can protect yourself with the geo-fencing on a GPS locator. Let us explain. By setting virtual boundaries around specific locations like your hotel or a tourist attraction, your loved ones know the very second you are on the move. This can be very helpful if you are lost or in an unfamiliar location.


10 International Travel Safety Tips

  1. Research your destination and local customs before departing to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.
  2. Invest in a reliable GPS tracker for vehicle safety, like the GL300 GPS Tracker or Vyncs GPS Tracker, for enhanced security.
  3. Keep important documents, such as passports and travel insurance, secure in a hidden location while exploring.
  4. Share your itinerary and location with friends and family using tracker devices and companion apps.
  5. Choose a GPS device with long-lasting battery life and easy installation for stress-free travel.
  6. Stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings, particularly in unfamiliar locations.
  7. Avoid displaying expensive belongings or large amounts of cash to minimize the risk of theft.
  8. Use GPS trackers with antitheft alerts to safeguard your belongings and vehicle while abroad.
  9. Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers and the locations of the nearest embassies or consulates.
  10. Respect local laws, guidelines, and culture to ensure a positive experience in the places you visit.

GPS Tracker For Long Distance – Frequently Asked Questions

Is a GPS Tracker Essential For International Travel Safety?

Yes, a GPS tracker significantly improves international travel safety. How? By allowing you to share your location with loved ones 24/7. This allows for faster assistance during emergencies.

Are There Subscription Fees For International GPS Tracking Devices?

Yes, many GPS tracking devices require a monthly subscription for their services. Subscription plans can include location updates, SIM card usage, and access to companion apps. Devices like the GeoZilla GPS and Brickhouse Security trackers often have different plans to choose from, allowing you to select the best option for your needs.

Can I Use My Fitness Tracker For Location Tracking While Traveling Abroad?

While fitness trackers can track your location to some extent, they’re not specifically designed for international travel safety. A dedicated GPS tracker for your vehicle or personal use, such as the GL300 GPS Tracker or Vyncs GPS, provides more accurate and reliable location tracking, ensuring better safety during your journey. We also encourage you to look for a location tracking device with SOS pain button feature.

What Are Some Personal Safety Tips When Traveling Internationally?

To ensure personal safety during international travel, always stay vigilant and follow local guidelines. Keep your belongings secure with hidden tracking devices, like portable trackers or GPS trackers for cars. Communicate with loved ones using location-sharing features available on devices like the GeoZilla GPS. And most importantly, follow advice from credible sources like the U.S. Department of State for the most up-to-date information on your destination.

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