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When most people think of GPS tracking systems they think of business fleet tracking and vehicle management. Although it is factual that businesses are one of the primary investors of GPS products, many consumers, companies, and others are using the same type of technology designed for vehicle tracking for asset protection. One of the forms of asset protection that has gained in popularity over the past few years is the use of GPS trackers to monitor and safeguard expensive medical equipment.

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Many businesses working in the medical field are required to transport medical equipment from one hospital or facility to another frequently throughout the day, week or month. With so much traveling and moving medical equipment and devices, there is an increased probability of equipment becoming lost or misplaced. Since some monitors and other equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars, keeping a watchful eye over assets is critical from a monetary standpoint. Not to mention, in many situations, it can be a life or death situation if vital hospital equipment goes missing in an emergency situation.

“Hospitals and medical supply companies understand the importance of keeping track of medical equipment, and that is why so many of them have been investing in real-time GPS solutions such as the SpaceHakw GPS”, explained a business GPS tracking expert for Tracking System Direct.

How real-time tracker devices for medical asset protection work is through a process of live location data and geo-fencing. After a real-time GPS is connected to an expensive piece of medical equipment, the user is then in a position to access where that equipment is located at any point in time via computer or smartphone. From the live locational GPS tracking data and online mapping program, the user can then set geo-fences around hospitals and other facilities where stops will be made. These geofence virtual boundaries once set will alert the user via SMS message and/or email contact when and if the equipment is moved. The real-time trackers allow businesses or hospitals to always know where expensive medical equipment is, protecting it from theft or accidental loss.