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Stop Campaign Sign Theft With GPS Tracking

The political debates have already started on the national level as the democrats engage in discussion to see who will be the one to face Donald Trump in the general election. National politics will always receive a great deal of media, but the reality is most of the laws and regulations that impact our daily lives are born at the local level. Gubernatorial, city officials, and others in your local community are the ones who will create legislation that will directly impact the city you live in. And these local politicians know this. This is the reason why they spend hours campaigning, debating, and marketing themselves to a community. One of the long-standing marketing techniques in local political campaigns has been the use of signs. Political signs showcasing campaign messages. Unfortunately, many of these campaign signs are targeted by political opposition parties who will unlawfully remove or steal political signs. For this reason, many politicians are turning to hidden real time GPS tracking devices to help them stop campaign signs from theft.

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Anti Theft Yard Signs

Once a political candidate or his/her team place campaign signs in high traffic areas they hope to build brand recognition. They want that first-mover advantage that when a voter sees the candidate’s name on the ballot they have left with 1) a feeling that they know who this person is and 2) that the candidate is worthy of their vote. However, when campaign signs are stolen that whole system falls apart, resulting in many campaign managers seeking anti-theft yard signs, or GPS trackers for political signs.


Hidden GPS Tracker For Political Signs

Political candidates concerned their campaign signs are being targeted by thieves can fight back against this problem by researching the different hidden GPS trackers for signs. How covert surveillance technology can provide help is through a simple 3-step process:

  1. Candidates equip hidden real time GPS trackers on campaign signs in the field 
  2. A geo-fence feature is set on each political sign that will send out a real time alert the very second a campaign sign is moved
  3. Campaign officials can track the stolen political signs instantly and have the thief arrested for unlawfully removing or defacing a political advertisement 

By simply equipping a live GPS tracking device to a campaign sign a candidate can not only know where all his or her political advertisements are located in the community but also be notified by email or text the very moment a campaign sign is moved!


Is Removing Political Signs Illegal?

Stealing political signs not only makes you an asshole, but it is also illegal. First of all, people backing a particular candidate should spend time building up that individual instead of taking the negative route of trying to knock the competition down through campaign sign removal. Not only is removing or defacing political advertisements a classless move but it also a misdemeanor in many states. Lawfully placed political signs or campaign material should not be tampered with, and if breaking the law is not a good deterrent then maybe the fact that a hidden GPS tracker on the campaign sign will be.