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GPS Tracker For Sex Offenders

Lifetime GPS Monitoring Sex Offenders

Tracking Sex Offenders in South Carolina

Locating registered sex offenders will become a much easier task as the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) revealed an advanced Web-based system that was designed explicitly for monitoring sex offenders. The new offender watch program is connected to the national sex offender database, which will allow anyone to view whether a sex offender resides in their local area. An anonymous source stated that the tracking system program will give citizens an additional sense of protection over their children that is paramount with the increasing number of sex offenders.


Tracking Sex Offenders In Your Neighborhood

How Are Sex Offenders Monitored?

The GPS tracking system program was designed to allow citizens, or anyone, easy access to the residence and information of any sex offender who could be residing in their area. The tracking system program will only require a person type in an address of residence than a highly-detailed map will provide information on any sex offender in the area within a radius of approximately 2 miles. If a sex offender does reside in close proximity of the address entered, people can access:

  • A Photo Of The Sex Offender
  • Address Of The Sex Offender
  • Physical Description Of The Sex Offender
  • Any Potential Outstanding Warrants
  • Crimes Committed By The Sex Offenders
  • Details Surrounding The Arrest

All of the detailed information can be sent to friends or family members, making the tracking system program an excellent tool for anyone concerned about their children. This allows people to track sex offenders in their neighborhoods.

Architects of the GPS tracking system program are hoping that the new system will assist in the prevention efforts of sex offenders moving into unauthorized or prohibited areas.

With GPS tracking systems and monitoring devices recording the daily movements of the over 12,000 registered sex offenders in South Carolina, and the new tracking system program giving all citizens detailed information on any potential sex offender living in their area, the people of South Carolina should feel more secure.

Wireless GPS TrackerSex Offender Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Systems Monitor Criminals 24 Hours A Day

If you are a sex offender and are lucky enough not be in jail where you probably belong your every movement is more than likely being monitored via GPS tracking. The same technology that is utilized by businesses for improving fleet management operations and parents of teen drivers to ensure safe teen driving is also used by law enforcement to ensure criminal sex offenders are not breaking the law. The public should feel a little safer knowing that some of the most disgusting sex offenders who cause harm to our children will be watched 24 hours a day now thanks to GPS tracking systems. But what is GPS tracking, and how is the technology helping police monitor sex offenders?


How GPS Tracking Sex Offenders Works

When sex offenders are released from prison many are required to wear anklets that utilize GPS tracking capabilities. These sophisticated GPS trackers will report a sex offender’s position continuously throughout the day to probation officers or other GPS monitoring supervisors. The data is reported in real time through the use of satellite technology, where it is transmitted with the assistance of cell towers. The information recorded on GPS tracking devices can inform law enforcement if a sex offender is frequenting areas popular among children such as parks or schools, reducing the risk of criminal relapse.

When a sex offender knows they are being watched by a GPS tracking device or some other piece of surveillance equipment they are less likely to engage in criminal activity.

Electronic Monitoring Device Ankle Bracelet

After being convicted of the rape of a 25-year-old girl and only serving 11 years in federal prison, Phillip Garrido was set free. Although Garrido followed through with his mandatory check-ins with his parole officer, and in 2006 began wearing a live GPS tracker, he was still able to kidnap, rape, and hold a young girl against her will for over 18 years! Basically, the electronic monitoring device ankle bracelet was not enough. Since the horrific events of this story were brought to light, many questions surrounding the success of GPS tracking systems as deterrents to criminal behavior, among other questions, were raised. Clearly, the 58-year-old Garrido was able to successfully commit these vile crimes and evade capture for almost two decades. So the questions people now find themselves asking is:

  1. What needs to be done to prevent sex offenders from repeating crimes?
  2. How could a parole officer not suspect Garrido was engaging in a criminal activity again?
  3. Are GPS tracking systems really preventing sex offenders from repeating crimes?


Can GPS Be Wrong?

Although the most popular question being asked is if GPS trackers are an effective solution to prevent future sexual offenses, the important question is how was Garrido able to continue raping and holding a young woman captive when he was being monitored by authorities? The answer appears to be a failure of competency from the parole board and parole officers assigned to ensure Garrido was not engaging in criminal behavior, not GPS tracking system technology.

How could a man such as Garrido be released from prison when it appears obvious he was still suffering from severe mental illness and was not ready to be released back into society? And why is it that none of Garrido’s parole officers ever visited his residence to inspect his surroundings and living situation? If a parole officer visited Garrido’s residence just one time they would have seen the compound style housing and the young girl being held captive against her will. The red flags were present and should have been identified by the trained authorities. Some form of surveillance was needed and was neglected.


GPS Tracking Devices On Sex Offenders

Another preventative measure law enforcement use to monitor sexual offenders on parole is GPS tracking systems. Garrido was actually equipped with a GPS monitoring device in 2006 so authorities could get a notification if he ever traveled around or passed by elementary schools or other places considered “off-limits”. Unfortunately, when Garrido began wearing the GPS tracker he had already kidnapped a young girl and was still holding her captive, assaulting her sexually on a constant sickening basis. Although GPS technology was unable to help her it may have prevented Garrido from kidnapping anyone else.

Real-Time GPS Tracking Sex Offenders

Real-time GPS units are used in the form of anklets to monitor sex offenders and other criminals. GPS tracking devices allow officers to view everywhere a criminal goes and everywhere they have been to validate that they are not frequenting high-risk environments.

The live GPS 54 tracker and SilverCloud GPS tracker are two of the most widely used live monitoring devices on the market right now for personal applications, and the GPS Tracking Key is one of the most widely used data loggers.

Going forward authorities need to implement an eclectic approach of investigative work and GPS tracking to make sure these habitual criminals do not continue on a deviant lawless path. Although there are no statistics available to show how many crimes have been prevented due to the use of GPS trackers, it is evident that the real-time vehicle tracking systems do make sexual offenders think twice about potential ramifications of committing a crime. However, GPS monitoring technology is only a tool. At the end of the day, a strong police presence on the streets where sex offenders reside, as well as diligent work by police, parole and probation officers is necessary to sustain all citizens’ safety. With GPS tracking systems monitoring sexual offenders and authorities thoroughly investigating these high-risk people, hopefully, kidnapping, rapes, and molestations will be prevented in the future.

Sex Offender Vehicle Registration

GPS tracking the car of a sex offender

What do you think about implementing a GPS tracking system on sex offender’s automobiles?

Do you think its an invasion of the sex offender’s privacy, or do you think the public and law enforcement has every right to make sure these sex offenders are not cruising by schools, parks, or places where children are frequently present?

The majority of people would probably say that we should monitor them all as a preventative measure, keeping all of our children safe. GPS tracking systems are uniquely efficient and can provide us with detailed information on these sex offenders’ daily rituals and potentially negative habits.

In this day and age, we have this new and affordable technology with GPS tracking to help us make certain that sex offenders are not following our children. Statistics show most sex offenders repeat their offenses. Therefore, people should be vigilant about keeping tabs on these felons whereabouts. Sex offenders beware if you are reading this and be careful where you tread. You never know who could be GPS tracking you today!

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