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  • Catch Sign Thieves In Real Time
  • Ultra Small Size 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches
  • Waterproof Design With Magnet Mount Makes GPS Tracker Easily Hidden 
  • Never Worry About Signs Being Stolen Again

This portable real time GPS tracker is small, waterproof, and nearly undetectable, making it the perfect solution for anyone who is tired of thieves stealing their signs. Never worry about your political, real estate, or advertising signs being stolen again! Get instant alerts via text or email the moment your sign is moved, and track your missing sign in real time using your iPhone or Android device. There is no better way to secure your property!

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Realtor Uses GPS Tracking To Locate Missing Signs

When it comes to selling properties, realtors realize the importance of exposure. This is why realtors will take advantage of any possible opportunity to catch the eye of a potential buyer and also the reason why it is now commonplace for realtors to use signs for self-exposure and exposure of properties. Unfortunately, these signs used for marketing can also be targets for thieves, as one realtor located in Brighton, Colorado found out the hard way. However, after the sign theft became more prevalent the fast-thinking realtor decided to use GPS tracking to bust the person stealing the signs.

Greg Portlock wasn’t a typical real estate agent putting up “Home For Sale” signs in his local Brighton area. In fact, he was simply a man who was fed up his signs would be stolen every time he would put them out. This got Portlock wondering if it were bored teenagers, his competition, or who knows what stealing his signs. Regardless, he had enough of the theft and was going to find out so the first thing he did was try and use a spy camera to videotape the thief in action.

The video from the hidden camera was successful in showing a vehicle pass by one of the realtor’s signs with the sign disappearing shortly afterward, but the video feed wasn’t providing any concrete evidence on who the thief was or how they could be tracked down. This is when Portlock decided to call upon a GPS tracking system, hiding the GPS tracker in one of his signs. What was great about this tracking system was that it offered real-time locational information that could be accessed from a mobile phone and would actually send out an alert if the sign was moved. It didn’t take long for the tracking system to send out that alert notifying Portlock via text message that the sign was moved.

GPS Tracking Devices For Real Estate Agents

After receiving the GPS tracking alert via text message, Portlock accessed the online mapping program on his cellular phone and was able to view the location of the GPS tracking system traced to the stolen sign. What happened next was something Portlock could have never imagined. This is because the culprit who was stealing the signs was, in fact, a competing realtor in the area.

GPS tracking system data showed the signs located in the garage of another realtor and it didn’t take long for police to identify that the signs were indeed stolen property and that the accuracy of the real time GPS tracker was spot on. Portlock estimates well over one hundred of his signs were stolen over the course of a few months and believes the competing realtor was the one responsible for all the sign thefts.

The case is still pending and there has been no word on what charges or if any charges have been filed against the sign thief. The name of the sign thief has also not been released at this time.

What type of penalty should the person who stole the signs receive for his behavior?

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