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GPS Tracker Helps Diagnose Addiction

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How GPS Can Help Fight Addiction

Valuable Tool Against Addiction

teenAlcohol addiction is a serious problem that millions of people suffer from every single day. Alcohol addiction can be sparked by anything ranging from peer pressure, genetic or family history of mental illness, to stressful life events and situations. People struggling with addiction usually are conducive to withdraw from social functions or need alcohol during those social functions in order to maintain psychological stability.The fundamental problem with people who are suffering with alcohol addiction is that they tend to place drinking over everything else going on their life, from family, work, and friends, and this can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

Alcohol addiction does not discriminate, it will attack the young or the old, black or the white. However, the group that has became more susceptible to alcohol addiction over the past 10 years are teens, and the newest gadget to help in the fight against teen alcohol addiction has come in the form of GPS tracking system technology.

GPS Trackers Assist In Fight Against Teen Addiction

Parents of teens have successfully used GPS vehicle trackers to monitor teen driving habits for over 10 years. The GPS tracking system data allows parents to observe virtually any problematic driving behaviors, and documents the information flawlessly. However, with the increase of alcohol addiction among teens, more and more parents are turning to GPS vehicle tracking technology to better understand their teens comings and goings.

Almost all teens have privacy issues, not wanting their parents or siblings to enter their room, and have a tendency to be irritable, critical, and grouchy. They will also frequently sleep in late, and can act withdrawn. These factors make diagnosing teen alcohol addiction very difficult, but not impossible. If a parent begins to observe common symptoms of teen alcohol addiction, such as:

  • Behavioral changes
  • Poor academic performance at school
  • Isolation or withdrawing from social events

Then a real time GPS may be something worth researching. When a parent places a GPS tracker on or in their son or daughter’s vehicle they will be able to record every location that was visited. The data the GPS tracking system provides will allow parents to better understand where their teens are going. The first step in helping a teen who is battling alcohol addiction is to verify that they have an addiction, and because a teens normal behavior can be erratic, the diagnostic process can at times be difficult for parents. GPS car tracking technology can be beneficial in aiding the diagnosis.

How Would you Help or Diagnose a Teen With Alcohol Addiction?

All parents have different strategies in dealing with their kid’s problems. Some parents exhibit tough love while others show compassion. If your teen showed signs of alcohol addiction would you invest in a GPS tracking system?

Could a GPS tracking system help a parent whose teen was battling alcohol addiction?

Would you invest in other surveillance equipment besides a GPS tracker, such as SIM card/ text message recorders or cameras to monitor your teen?

Would you show tough love or compassion?