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Vehicle Tracking System Receives High Marks

car_and_driverCar and Driver Magazine has been providing automotive enthusiasts information and reviews on vehicles and automotive accessories for years. People visit the Car and Driver website by the thousands to get the latest reviews about new vehicles and the hottest new gadgets for car lovers. With the recent boom in vehicle monitoring technology, or automotive spyware as Car and Driver calls it, the online site for automotive enthusiasts did a recent review on some of the devices that have become popular. After researching nearly every GPS tracking system and monitoring solution on the market, the good people at Car and Driver selected the GPS Tracking Key Pro as one of the top 10 vehicle management solutions for both consumers and businesses!

Although Car and Driver is most known for their buyer’s guides, annual review of the best cars and articles about the best handling vehicles on the market, Car and Driver dedicated time to research GPS vehicle tracker solutions. What the magazine and automotive blog revealed in a recent article is that the GPS Tracking Key Pro was the ideal device to verify alibis. Car and Driver went broke down some of the key features of the car tracker, explaining how the system records addresses people arrived and departed from, as well as the sleek and covert design of the car tracking unit.

What Car and Driver probably did not know about the tracking unit is that for nearly 2 years the GPS Tracking Key Pro has been utilized by all forms of GPS users, including police agencies, businesses and consumers, with an amazing success. In fact, it has widely been recognized as one of the best GPS tracker with no monthly fees! This can be contributed to the device’s ease of use, compact design and the fact that no other passive unit on the market can record more data than the Pro. With the unique ability to capture and store over 100 hours worth of data on only two AA batteries, no other GPS tracking unit can come close to the Pro in regards to efficiency.

For more information on the GPS Tracking Key Pro or any other GPS data loggers, please contact us anytime. Tracking System Direct is open 7 days a week, and emails can be sent 24/7 and will be responded to within 12 hours.

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