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GPS Tracker In Egypt

Best GPS Tracker For Car In Egypt

Top Vehicle Tracking System For 2021

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

  • GPS Car Tracker For Monitoring Company Vehicles
  • Enhance Personal Safety While Traveling Abroad 
  • More Accurate Than Key Finder GPS Locator 


SpaceHawk is the top-selling GPS locator designed to track vehicles, home appliances, or people traveling abroad. The versatile GPS tracking system provides real time location updates as fast as every 3 seconds, and the car tracker will work anywhere in Egypt where cellular coverage is present. SpaceHawk vehicle tracker was designed with a waterproof housing and magnet mount so you can put the GPS device on anything from a car to a personal asset. What makes SpaceHawk stand above a smart Bluetooth tracker, GPS finder, smart tracker, or key finder is the small size of the GPS locator, low cost ($99), and accuracy of the GPS vehicle tracker. 

Live GPS Tracking

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GPS Tracking Company In Egypt

Car GPS devices are the most popular tracking devices used in Egypt because fleet management technology can be used by companies to track employees, travelers to stay in touch with family members overseas, and anyone in Egypt to catch cheating partners. However, there is also smart tag Bluetooth solutions (Bluetooth tracker for kids) that can be used for personal safety. Smart tag Bluetooth trackers such as the iTag Bluetooth tracker are designed as anti-lost technologies to assist parents with safeguarding their kids. Some of these products include:

  • Mini Bluetooth Tracker For Child/Pet/Key/Wallet/Mobile/Bag
  • Smart iTag Bluetooth Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker
  • Personal GPS Trackers With Panic Buttons

When it comes to personal GPS devices or car trackers, size matters. Therefore, having a mini tracker that is small in size, long in battery, and easy on the user is critical. Especially, when operating in international locations such as Northern Africa. That is what makes SpaceHawk one of the best vehicle tracking systems. First of all, the car tracker is way more accurate than Bluetooth smart tags that require WiFI and do not use GPS-location technologies. But more importantly, SpaceHawk is more accurate and provides more detailed information than the iTag Bluetooth key tracker finder.

SpaceHawk GPS vehicle tracking devices will work in Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Port Said, Luxor, New Cario City, Suez, and any location in Egypt where cellular coverage is present.

If you are interested in purchasing a tracking device that will work In Egypt please know we only accept Bitcoin as payment due to the high-level of fraud from credit card purchases outside of the United States.

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