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Everlast GPS is the most powerful vehicle tracker for secretly monitoring employees, teenage drivers, or a cheating spouse. Used by government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and US Border Patrol, Everlast GPS provides over 3 months of real time tracking and will work in Canada, the United States and Mexico! Simply attach the car tracker under any vehicle and find out everywhere the driver is going. There is no easier or faster to find out the truth! 


GPS TrackersEl Paso is a city located in the great state of Texas. Nestled near the Rio Grande River and Mexican border, El Paso has received accolades and awards for the small-town values that thrive in the community, including an All-American City Award. With a strong economy fueled by Fortune 500 satellite offices that include companies such as Eureka, Boeing, and popular auto parts distributor Delphi, El Paso has been able to maintain a relatively stable economy during uncertain economic times. Although it is easy to see why people would want to make El Paso their home, the Texas city has seen significant increases in crime and violence due to the feuding Mexican drug cartels battling it out only miles away across the international border. Often times the violence spills over the border into El Paso, making it essential for local law enforcement and Border Patrol agents to be connected and networked at the highest level. Thankfully, modern technology has given the good guys the tools necessary to keep the residents of El Paso safe, and the tools that have been called upon more and more of late have been GPS tracking systems.

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Mexico is no longer the place that it once was now that drug cartels are nearly as influential and organized as the government. Making the situation worse, drug cartels are often feuding over territory with rival cartels with the result ending in violence frequently. Although drug cartel violence is nothing new, rarely has it spilled over the border with such frequency as it has lately. Today, El Paso police are on constant guard, monitoring criminal activity within the city as well as across the border. One law enforcement official working in El Paso stated, “Understanding what the drug cartels are doing across the border has never been more important to ensuring the safety of El Paso residents”. One of the ways El Paso authorities are gaining an edge is through the use of GPS trackers that utilize GPS car tracking technology.

Mexican drug cartels headquartered outside of the U.S. border often have numerous connections with distributors inside the States. Recognizing the illusive operations of drug cartels, El Paso police enforcement agencies have turned to an assortment of technological tools. These tools include car tracking systems that utilize GPS satellite technology. By attaching GPS fleet trackers to suspected drug distributors or criminals’ automobiles, El Paso law enforcement has a better ability to observe any increase in activity among the drug cartels. This helps El Paso Police act fast to any changes or moves the drug cartels may be making.

Although the violence inside the Mexican border may never be resolved until the Mexican government begins taking a more proactive military-style approach to the problem, the people of El Paso can rest assured that they will be safe thanks to the hard work of El Paso law enforcement agents.


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